The Adventure Starts Here: Monthly Goals - October 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Monthly Goals - October 2015

This year, instead of making resolutions for the year, I decided to make monthly goals instead.  I will be sharing five goals each month that I'd like to work on.   Each month I will also reflect on how I did with the previous month's goals.

October 2015 Goals

Get outside at least once a day
Since the beautiful weather won't last forever, I want to enjoy it while we can.  Some days it might be  only for a few minutes, but I'd love to get Noah out to play every day.  They go outside each day at school, and I really want to start doing the same at home.  

Get Ready for Noah's Birthday
Noah's birthday is on November 2nd.  I have a kid birthday party to plan as well as his family dinner. I also need to figure out what Chris and I will give him as gifts.  I also need to finish his birthday video that I make every year.  I try to keep up with it throughout the year, but I need to add September and October photos/videos and edit the entire thing... it will definitely be time consuming!  I really just want to plan a few things to make his day super special!

Organize Noah's basement toys
We recently got a new Kallax unit for the basement to house Noah's toys.  While we keep a lot of toys upstairs, we like to keep a bunch of trucks and blocks and larger toys downstairs.  I need to sort them, maybe donate a few, and get them organized into baskets.  I also want to create a gallery wall to hang above the bookcase.

Try 3 new recipes
I mention below that I lost motivation to cook this past month.  I'm not sure if it's because I'm just tired of the same meals we eat, but I figured it's worth a try to mix things up.  I think it's time to find some yummy yet simple meals to try out.  I'd love some suggestions!

Decorate for Halloween
While I decorated for fall, I still want to add a few Halloween touches as it gets closer.  Noah's preschool is also having a Trunk or Treat and I hear all the parents go "all out" decorating their cars.  I have a few ideas and I'm excited to see how it all turns out!

Go for 3 walks a week
This month made me realize that it's getting harder to go for walks with Noah that would count as an actual workout.  When he was younger, he was content to sit in the stroller for a 2 mile walk around the neighborhood.  Now he prefers to be riding his bike or sit in his toy car for a walk to the playground, to collect leaves and acorns, or to go find some construction trucks.  So while we went on many "walks" this month, they aren't what they used to be or what I had originally envisioned. 

Limit our ice cream trips to once a week
I feel like this naturally happened once Labor Day passed.  I didn't even have to say no to going, the opportunities just stopped.  

Decorate the house for fall
Done... check out this post for all the details!

Be productive while Noah's at preschool
Noah has gone to school six times so far.  So far I've been pretty productive.  I've scheduled a few appointments during that time, while one day I went home and worked on my MOMS Club calendar while catching up on the TiVo :).  I definitely have a few projects planned for the next few months, but so far I'm pleased with what I've done.   

Start meal planning again
I was doing well, but then I lost motivation towards the end of the month.  Some nights I even had something planned but had no interest in actually making it.  I hope that I get the push next month! 

What are your goals this month?


  1. These are great goals!! They seem so "easy" but time passes so quickly, so it's hard to do it all! Good luck with them and share your recipes if you like them. ;)

  2. Awe, I share a birthday with Noah! I feel honored lol. I used to always celebrate on Halloween but now enjoy having my own day to do what I want (I guess thats just from getting older ;)

  3. You did great on your goals!!! I'm always so impressed. Your October goals sound great as well. How fun Noah's preschool has a Trunk or Treat. We went to our first one last year at Seth's mom's church and it was pretty fun!

  4. You did well last month, keep up the good work!!! I love reading everyone's goal lists :)

  5. I think finding new recipes or maybe checking out some actual cookbooks from the library instead of using Pinterest might help your cooking motivation. It's so awful to get in the dreaded cooking rut because you have to eat but it's no fun when nothing sounds good!
    Would love to hear what things are on ya'lls Club calendar? ;) seems like once October hits our calendar gets revved up until March!


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