The Adventure Starts Here: Home Depot Kids Workshop - Fire Truck

Monday, October 5, 2015

Home Depot Kids Workshop - Fire Truck

We had a pretty great weekend.  We didn't have much planned, so while we ran a bunch of errands on Saturday, we were able to stay at home all of Sunday and really just rest.  I'm so glad we did, because even though we didn't get hit by Hurricane Joaquin, the weather was definitely cold and rainy.  The three of us also didn't feel at our best on Sunday.  Noah had a cough and runny nose, Chris' eyes were red (not sure if it's allergies or a cold), and I have the start of a sore throat.  It was great to stay in our sweatpants all day long and cuddle under blankets while watching entirely too much television.  

The one thing we did this weekend that warrants a photo (or twenty) was the Home Depot Kids Workshop we went to.  We went to our first one last month, and had so much fun that we immediately signed up for the October workshop.  This month they were building fire trucks... Noah's favorite!  Originally, a real fire truck was also supposed to be making an appearance, but for some reason (not sure if it was because of the possible storm) it was rescheduled and will be coming next weekend instead.  We still had so much fun building and painting the fire truck.  

^^^ we are currently going through a phase where Noah doesn't like to look at the camera for photos. This is us saying "where's Daddy" in hopes he will look. Noah is just too smart for us!

^^^Since the truck was wet, we decided to take it home to finish.  I was amazed at how good it looked after putting the wheels and stickers on it!

^^^ Noah is slowly collecting his workshop pins (you get one every time you complete a project)

^^^ Chris successfully searched for one of the few "race car" shopping carts

^^^ we got Noah to look by telling him to throw the twine at Daddy ;)

We once again ran into our friends on the way out after we had already finished.  These two were hilarious and having so much fun "driving the race car"!  Sometimes I wonder who is the kid though, because Chris came up with a fun game of racing through the aisles.  I'm seriously shocked we didn't get yelled at by a worker or a customer!


  1. It's amazing how similar and different the Lowe's workshops are vs Home Depot. At Lowe's we got a fire truck too but it came painted. And Lowe's gives out patches but you have to iron them on (and I'm entirely too lazy for that! lol). I love that you said that it warranted a picture (or twenty) because isn't that how it is?! I can't take just one picture either! Sounds like you guys had a fun Saturday and hope you're feeling better today!

  2. I'm convinced my husband enjoys having kids because he gets to act like one and not be judged for it ;)
    We toured the fire station Friday so this would have been the perfect workshop! Are there many girls there or usually just little boys? Lily loves doing projects and this seems right up her alley.
    I love that they give pins for completed workshops and the apron! So much fun!

  3. Oh my gosh, what fun!!!!! I always forget that HD does this...I just checked, and our local stores don't have any scheduled on their website...I may have to call to find out, but thanks for reminding me! What a fun way to spend your Saturday...I am sure Noah loved it (and racing through the aisles)! Have a great week!

  4. home depot is the PLACE to be for kids. look at noah's face. and i'm seriously impressed by his fire truck!!!

  5. We don't have a Home Depot nearby but we did a Lowes workshop forever ago. My son loved it. I had totally forgotten about them. Now I'm going to Lowe's site to see when the next one is :)

  6. I heard about the firetruck just a tad too late! Liam would have loved this! Noah's turned out perfectly!

  7. Our local Lowes does that and I've been meaning to take Little J! Am so glad you posted this and reminded me! Looks like he had fun. :))


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