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Friday, October 9, 2015


Happy Friday!  Who's ready for a 3 day weekend???  Chris gets off for Columbus Day and we have some fun things planned.  Not only is it Columbus Day, but it's also Canadian Thanksgiving.  My brother and his husband will be visiting and we plan to have a family turkey dinner on Sunday :)  Enjoy your weekend!


After our nature walk on Wednesday, my mom did a leaf painting craft with Noah.  We had attempted doing this with Noah a few weeks ago and didn't do so well.  But apparently my mom is a pro and taught us how to do it.  Noah loved mixing colors and making tons of leaf prints and even rolled a painted pinecone on the paper as well :)


Earlier this week, Noah and I went to the mall with my mom.  Among other things, we went to get Noah some new shoes.  While Noah's feet grow super fast, we usually like to have 2 pairs of shoes for him at a time.  He already had some New Balance sneakers that he likes to call his "basketball shoes".  When I told him we were going to get him another pair, he told me he wanted "hockey shoes" and "football shoes".  I asked him what they looked like.  He told me hockey shoes are big and blue and football shoes are big and yellow... so like clown shoes???  He was a little bummed when he couldn't find what he was looking for, but quickly changed his mind when I told him these black Nikes were football shoes... problem solved!


While at the mall, we looked for a North Face Denali jacket for Noah.   We loved the one Noah had last year and wanted to get the same one, just in the next size up. My mom has been searching for a while with no luck and this trip we looked in Nordstrom and Macy's.  The sales associate in Macy's told us their was an issue at the manufacturer and the shipment was over 2 months late.  They received the jackets in infant and older kid sizes, but nothing for the 2T-4T sizes!  She said she could order one for us online, but unfortunately Macy's isn't even offering black this season and you can only find it on the actual North Face website.  Bummer since that means we couldn't use a coupon, but at least we solved the mystery!


This week, we went to a MOMS Club Pumpkin Decorating activity.  It was a great afternoon filled with pumpkins, stickers, donuts, and cider :)  We had beautiful weather and the kids were able to play at the playground afterwards.  I sure am going to miss these warmer days!


This week, we started a "Boo Your Neighbor" game within my MOMS Club.  I had seen the idea on Pinterest and thought it would be so much fun to do with the MOMS Club families.  It's only just begun, but I'm so excited for all the kids to be surprised with some Halloween goodies :)  I put some orange crazy straws, Halloween stickers, glow stick bracelets, and some candy in our "boo bags".

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  1. I love your boo printable. Ours is scheduled to be shared next week and I can't wait to see how Connor handles boo-ing friends since we've never done it before!

  2. I was just thinking about BOOing someone today, but didnt know what to include! Thanks for the ideas! I love your leaf art! We did something similar by painting with pine needles but I never thought to use the leaves as a stamp!

  3. I love the Boo Bags, what a cute idea!
    I wish we had a moms club nearby ;(

  4. That North Face jacket is so cute for Noah! I hope you end up finding it in black! If not, will you get a different colour?

  5. Love the new shoes! And I've been thinking about a jacket for my oldest and that one looks perfect!! Hope you can find it! Happy Weekend!

  6. There are usually lots of good North Face options at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! That is the best time & price for North Face. Just a heads up for next year!


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