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Friday, October 2, 2015


Happy Friday!  I honestly can't believe it's already October... where did September go???  This is our last low key weekend for a while, so I really hope Hurricane Joaquin bypasses us and we just get a little rain.  But just in case, we will probably stock up on a few necessities, have flashlights ready, and be prepared to head over to my parents' house since they have a generator ;)  Hopefully you guys won't be affected by the storm and have a beautiful and fun weekend!  Here's my weekly five to kick off the weekend :)


Today is my nephew, Matthew's, 5th Birthday!  On the one hand I can't believe he's already 5, but then I realize that of course he is, his mom was very pregnant with him at my wedding... 5 years ago ;)  While we won't get to celebrate with him this year, my parents went up and we sent him a video wishing him a happy birthday :)


Earlier this week, I posted this photo of Noah and his Lego creations on Instagram.  We are huge fans of Legos... they keep Noah entertained for a long time and I love that he can choose to build from the photos or make his own creations.  This specific set is super cool, because not only do they show the picture of different buildings and cars to build, but they include cards with very detailed instructions on how to build each.  


Since it is now October, it's officially time to wear the Halloween inspired t-shirts and PJs!  While we definitely don't have as many as we did when Noah was a baby, we did pick up a few.  My favorites (which is also what we got) are this bat shirt, the bat pjs Noah is wearing below.  I also got him a ghost shirt from Gap and a jack-o-lantern shirt from Carters, but they are no longer online.  


Since yesterday was the first day of October, I busted out the Halloween plate for Noah's waffle breakfast (oh yeah, we are super fancy over here)!  I told him it was a Jack-o-Lantern to which he said "No, it is Halloween" :)  


And even though we have a few holidays to celebrate before we get to Christmas, I couldn't help myself from getting this set (or rather asking my mom to get it for me (Noah)!).  Noah really got into making cookies for Santa last year, so I can only imagine this year.  But the part that really sold me was the plastic milk bottle with lid and straw... so cute!

Cookies for Santa Kit

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  1. Oh I love that cookie plate. I need to get something like that this year since Miss H will kind of get it for the first time. And of course, my 20% off coupon to PBK just expired! GRR!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh you got the Halloween plate from PBK!!! I was swooning over it but ultimately didn't get one. Now I'm regretting it.
    Hope the hurricane passes you! From what I've heard, it's supposed to but you're still supposed to get a lot of rain. Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. LOVE the legos, pjs, and plates!!! Hudson would be obsessed! We totally need to be friends in real life!

  4. That cookies for Santa plate is a must get!!!! I might hope on that now! I love that he is so close to his cousins! Lily and one of her's have become pen pals as of late and I love it!

  5. Yay! We just got those bats pajamas for Cam, and he LOVES them!! I need to get some holiday plates for the kids...they're too cute to pass up!! Have a great weekend!

  6. I was so close to getting that long sleeve bat shirt and then didn't since its been so hot here. Wouldn't you know we busted out the sweaters yesterday. Might have to go back for it!

  7. Noah is so cute in those pj's. I totally couldn't have resisted that set either, it's adorable!

  8. All the Christmas stuff has me so excited! While I definitely don't celebrate or decorate til after Thanksgiving, I still like to plan ahead & be prepared!


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