The Adventure Starts Here: Canadian Thanksgiving

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving

This weekend, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and hosted a family dinner.  As some of you may know, I'm originally Canadian.  Well technically, I was born in England, but my parents (and older brother) were only living there for 2 years (for my dad's job) and I just happened to be born there.  The rest of my family is from Canada and everyone in my family (besides my parents and older brother) still live there.  Most years we don't celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, but this year, my younger brother and his husband (who live in Ontario) decided to come for a visit since they had a long weekend.  We figured this was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the holiday (and get two Thanksgivings this year!). 

I offered to host and my mom and I split up the cooking so that it wasn't too much work.  While I like finding new recipes, my favorite part was setting the table.  I realized this will be the only holiday this year where I host a formal-ish dinner, so I decided to go all out and use our wedding china.  Since I still don't feel comfortable letting Noah use our good china, he got a Halloween plate :)  Our table looks very similar to last year, but I added the mini pumpkins and a centerpiece I made with cinnamon sticks and a candle... it smelled amazing!  I left the buffet the same (as I shared with you in my Fall Home Tour) and just added some wine and a cake plate for the pumpkin pie.  

As for the food, my mom made the turkey (a HUGE help!) and some homemade whip cream... yum!  I made a sweet potato puree and a sausage turkey that we had at a friend's house earlier this year.  I am not usually a fan of stuffing, so when I loved hers, I had to ask for the recipe!  I ended up doubling the recipe, but probably didn't need to.  It was super easy to make.  I prepped everything and put it in the casserole dish before Noah's nap and then just put it in the oven an hour before we needed to eat. 

Finally, it was time for everyone to come over.  It was really nice seeing my brother, Luke, and his husband, Tyler.  I hadn't seen Tyler since the wedding last year!  And we always like spending time with my parents :)  Noah was looking forward to his uncles visiting for a few weeks.  He's been talking about them a lot and planning what toys he was going to show them.  He had his trucks lined up to show them and then immediately wanted to do some puzzles with them.  In between all the playing, we had a few appetizers and I finished making the side dishes.  

Dinner turned out great and I was shocked that we had everything ready at the same time.  Usually I'm horrible at getting large meals finished at the same time so that everything is still hot!  I guess I'm getting better :)  

And since I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, I decided to make an extra dessert as well.  I used these little dessert bowls that Luke gave me a few Christmases ago and made some individual "trifles".  I simply layered vanilla pudding, mini Nilla wafer cookies, slice bananas, and topped it with my mom's homemade whip cream.  They were so easy to make and delicious!  


  1. What a fun weekend! I am always jealous of two Thanksgivings. ;) That stuffing looks amazing! I may have to try it this year!! :)

  2. Umm, its 6:45am and you have me wanting Thanksgiving dinner! YUM. Everything looks delicious and your table scape is AMAZING. I totally just pinned it for inspiration should we ever have a house big enough to host Thanksgiving at!

  3. happy canadian thanksgiving!! your table looks AMAZING. seriously. you are one adorable hostess!

  4. Looks delicious! Happy you were able to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and have your brother and his husband for a visit :) Noah must have loved having them there!

  5. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! I love that you celebrate both. I kind of want to celebrate both this year too even though I am 0% American haha. But I love that huge turkey dinner!

  6. Family time is the best time! Your table looks amazind and the food looked and sounded delicious!

  7. So I've always been a fan of yours but now that you are my Canadian friend ;) I love you more. Thanks to Property Brothers, I'm obsessed with all things Canadian. I really hope to make it there for the first time next summer!

  8. Love your table setting and this, family gatherings, is what screams Fall to me! I love it! Also, fun fact, I love to take a peek at others' idea of a Thanksgiving menu! It seems like everyone has their own version and I love it. Although, ya'll's dinner looked pretty standard. ;) ...except no rolls?


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