The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Fun!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Weekend Fun!

We had another pretty low key weekend spent at home.  We had a few things on the agenda, but mostly we got to move at a slower pace and really just enjoy ourselves.  Chris worked from home on Friday because of the Pope's visit to NYC.  His boss told him that since traffic was going to be a zoo, that he might as well work from home.  So while Chris worked in his office basement, Noah and I stayed busy running errands, meeting friends at the park, and taking a nice long afternoon nap.  The great part of Chris working from home, was that when he stopped working at 5:30, he was able to immediately hang out with us rather than have an almost 2 hour commute home.  Since it was so nice out, we went for a walk around our neighborhood and had to stop by the rollers and dump trucks.  They are paving some of the condo parking lots and it's one of Noah's favorite places to go... he's going to be very upset when they are finished!  We then came back to find my dad doing yard work at our house (he had been there on and off all day long).  And since Noah loves to help, he grabbed his little rake and got to work :)

We had a nice and slow start on Saturday.  Noah got to play with all his toys with daddy and even did a little painting in the new Paw Patrol book we picked up at Target the day before.  We then got dressed and headed to Noah's hair cut.  They cut it a little shorter than we expected, but know that in two weeks it will look exactly how we want it.  His hair grows fast!  On our way home, we decided to stop by the local bike shop.  Chris had bought Noah a bike helmet, but we weren't thrilled with how it fit.  So we decided to get him fit by a "professional".  The new one we got is great and has a dial in the back to add an even more precise fit.  Noah loved it so much that he wouldn't take it off for the ride home!

When we got home, we didn't even go inside, we went straight out so Noah could ride his bike wearing his new helmet.  This time, we took him to the adjacent cul-de-sac so he would ride in the road versus the side walk.  We then decided to go for a longer ride to collect some leaves and acorns, and once again go visit the diggers.  

The weather was just absolutely perfect, so before heading back for lunch, we found a bench to stop at.  Noah and I played a few rounds of peek-a-boo and just had a really fun and silly time.  I really do love this age!

The rest of Saturday was pretty non-eventful.  On Sunday, I needed to do a return at the mall.  The boys came with me and while I went to Loft, they threw coins into the mall water fountain.  Apparently Noah wasn't a stellar listener, and was a tad wet when I got back.  We planned to head straight home, but Noah talked us into getting lunch at the Cheesecake Factory :)

After nap, we headed over to Chris' parents' house.  Noah got to hang out and play with them before we all went out for dinner.  They got Noah this new t-ball set that will grow with him and he had a blast hitting the ball over and over!  While his grip makes us think he will bat lefty, he seemed to hit it further as a righty.  I guess time will tell what hand/arm he will use in sports.  

Now it's back to reality with Chris back at work.  Thankfully, we don't have much planned today, so we can ease back in slowly.  Have a happy Monday!


  1. How nice that Chris got to work from home for a day! The perfect kick off to the weekend!

  2. Sounds PERFECT! Great pictures, lady!

  3. First of all, holy commute!!!! Geez! Poor guy! How do yall handle that? Is it pretty standard in your area?
    Lily always seems to talk us into eating lunch out too ;) funny how they do that!
    Loving that t-ball set!

  4. That commute is killer! I don't know how he does it. Poor guy!
    I love the clarity of your photos... are you using your phone or a camera?

  5. his helmet is hard-care man! no wonder he loves it! he probably feels like a pro! seriously SO CUTE!

  6. What a great weekend. How cute is he in his new helmet?!!! Love that look on his face. Such a big boy these days.

  7. I can't even imagine a 2 hour commute! Shew. Love the pictures - he is the cutest. :) Glad it was a low key, amazing weekend!

  8. You guys have so many diggers around you! How fun for Noah (and Chris!). That one time we had construction was like heaven for Mason!

  9. What a nice weekend! I swear he looks so cute on that little bike!


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