The Adventure Starts Here: Tissue Paper Crafts - A Fall Wreath and Trees

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tissue Paper Crafts - A Fall Wreath and Trees

As soon as Labor Day passed, I started doing fall crafts with Noah!  Over Labor Day Weekend, I cut up a bunch of red, orange, and yellow tissue paper squares to have on hand for whatever craft we wanted to do.  Noah loves anything involving glue (and scissors) so I know they will come in handy over the next two months.  

Last week, we decided to use the tissue paper squares to make some "fall trees" and a fall wreath.  I helped him draw the trees with a brown crayon and he then colored them in.  He then glued every single piece of tissue paper onto the branches.  We then had the idea to crumble up the tissue paper squares and put them on the "ground" like they were "fallen leaves".  

We also made a fall wreath, using more tissue paper squares, some artificial leaves I found at Michaels, and a paper plate.  I had two types of leaves and the first didn't stick well because they had a "real stem" while the others were flatter and stuck to the paper plate better.  

Noah really enjoyed doing these two super simple crafts, but his favorite part is hanging his artwork on our doors to display!  I ended up having to move the wreath to our bulletin board, since the painters tape didn't seem to be enough to hold the weight of the artificial leaves.  

Stay tuned for some more fall crafts :)


  1. The tissue paper wreath is my favorite! We might need one of those on our gallery wall this fall!

  2. Love it. Lily will do the concessional tissue paper craft, but she doesn't appreciate the "messy mess" on her fingers from the glue. ha! Such a little diva. I like how you did the vertical pinning option in this post. ;)

  3. You have the best craft ideas!! Another amazing one :)


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