The Adventure Starts Here: Painting with Leaves

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Painting with Leaves

This past weekend, we had some pretty beautiful weather.  In typical fall fashion, it was cool in the morning and evening but warmed up during the day.  Noah had to wear a hoodie when running errands with Chris in the morning, but by the time lunchtime hit he was in shorts sleeves and shorts :)      Noah decided he did not want to nap on Saturday.  And since it was so nice out, we decided to take advantage and go out for a walk and collect some leaves.  Noah collects leaves on every outing with Chris, but this time it was for a specific purpose... a craft!  Noah chose to ride in his little blue car and requested that Chris pull him backwards... sure, whatever you want ;)  We have A LOT of trees in our neighborhood, so it was easy to find leaves, but we wanted a variety of shapes.  Noah didn't really understand why we kept passing trees without picking more leaves.  

As usual, Chris helped Noah pick the leaves and then he put them in his go to spot... the front of his blue car.  He collects so many leaves in there that every once in a while we have to clean them out when he's not looking ;)

When we got home, we immediately got to work.  Noah chose the placement of the leaves and we used painters tape to secure them to the paper.  He then picked yellow for his and orange for daddy's art piece... Noah can be pretty bossy ;)  While we told Noah to paint around the leaves and showed him an example, he still wanted to paint the leaves instead.  With a little help he got the hang of it and was even more excited when he saw what Chris' looked like after removing the leaves.  

I absolutely love the finished product.  While you can see the leaf shapes better on Chris' (I think the orange color helps a little), I love how Noah's turned out.  And the best part is that he was so proud of his creation!  

^^^ I love how he and Chris are looking at each other :)

Don't forget to pin this for later.  It really is the perfect way to combine a "nature walk" and a craft!


  1. Haha! I was gonna ask if he was pulling him backwards but you mentioned it lol. Whatever the toddler wants, the toddler gets! So funny. And that car is perfect for collecting leaves!! What a neat little compartment there. I love you leaf crafts! Last year I did a leaf craft with Mason to color with the leaves behind the paper but I've never seen coloring around the leaf. Looks like fun!

  2. Love it! I really think we have twins for kiddos. Every day we go on a "nature walk". I push Ben in the stroller while Lily rides her bike. She collects random stuff along the way to put in her basket in the front of her bike. She is such a little hoarder when it comes to nature. We found a nest of acorns in her room the other day and I know she loves to collect leaves. It's hilarious to me. Oh and I love that Chris took the time to craft with Noah! Such a special treat!

  3. I love love love this. Our bucket list includes a leave craft and I'm going to copy this for sure. Not only will we get to go discover but we can make something from you adventure.

  4. Seriously, I can't get over how beautiful your neighborhood is, all those big trees!! I love this simple/fun craft, might add to our fall to do list. :)

  5. Nature walks and crafts are some of my favorites!!


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