The Adventure Starts Here: Noah's First Day of Preschool

Monday, September 14, 2015

Noah's First Day of Preschool

Noah had his first day of Preschool on Thursday!  I really can't believe he's old enough for this... where did my baby go?  I started talking it up with Noah about two weeks ago.  We watched a few Daniel Tiger episodes all about school and he seemed very excited about getting to go as well.  I had no concerns about him liking what preschool is all about (the structure, crafts, playtime, and going outside), it was just the drop off and separation part that had me worried.  Other than Chris and I, Noah has only ever been left with my mom.  He's very comfortable with her since she's been coming over and helping and just hanging out with us multiple times a week since he was born.  At this point, when she comes over he's basically booting me out the door.  But I had no clue how he'd be with a stranger.  So when talking about preschool, I would tell him about all the fun stuff he'd get to do there, but I would also make sure he knew that Mama and Dada would not be staying.  He seemed to understand and be okay that "Mama go home".  But as we know with kids, they are unpredictable and can change their minds quickly!  

Chris took the morning off from work so he could come with us for Noah's first day.  At Noah's school, the parents stay for the first hour on the first day to ease the kids into it and then leave for the final two hours.  We made sure to leave lots of time to get ready in the morning.  Noah had time to play with daddy (while I got ready), have breakfast (and even sang Noah "Happy First Day"), and we obviously carved out some time for pictures!  I was a little bummed that it was drizzling out when we were taking pictures outside.  It wasn't horrible, but it definitely made me speed through the process.  

Noah was excited to go to school, and asked once again if he got to go on a school bus.  We spent the ride to school talking about meeting his teachers (and practicing their names) and all the fun stuff he would get to do.   He walked up to his school and classroom with no problem,  but got a little quiet and shy when we met his teacher.  We were the first ones there, so we chatted with the teacher a little and checked out the room.  Noah let go of my hand as soon as he saw the toy firetruck!  He proceeded to play with trucks, blocks, legos, and the dollhouse, while the rest of the kids and their parents arrived.  He also got to play in a sand table and decorate his folder with stickers!  I have a ton of pictures of him happily playing, but I'm hesitant to share pictures of Noah and his classmates in his actual classroom.

We were just finishing his folder when it was time to say goodbye.  I'm really glad it just so happened that we were doing a quiet activity, that he really enjoyed, and that it was just the three of us.  I think it made saying goodbye a little easier.  I let him know that we'd be going home.  At first he said, no, but only once.  We each gave him a big hug and a bunch of kisses and Noah said goodbye to us without a problem.  His teacher came over as this was happening and asked Noah if he wanted to do a puzzle, which was great since he LOVES puzzles!  We left a happy child and didn't really know what to do with ourselves.  We ended up going out for breakfast and talking about Noah the entire time.  We still had some time before pick up, so we went back to the house, I uploaded some photos and got to watch last night's Big Brother.  Really exciting stuff :)

We got back to the school a few minutes early and ran into some of the other moms in the parking lot.  They were still there when Chris and I had left in the morning, so I asked them how their goodbyes went.  I had expected one of the kids to have a hard time, but I was surprised to hear the other one cried and had to be peeled off their mom by the teacher.  They said 5 kids ended up crying and all I could think was that I hoped the crying didn't trigger Noah to do so as well.  When I walked into the building, the director told us that everyone calmed down quickly and had a good day.  I asked her if Noah had started crying as a result and she said he didn't, he just kept doing his puzzle while it was all going on.  I was so relieved!  

We then waited in line to pick our kids up one at a time.  As Noah walked towards me I asked his teacher how he did.  She said he did great and that he was like her shadow and wanted to help with everything... I wasn't surprised.  I was surprised, however, when he started to tear up as he gave me a hug.  I guess he was just overwhelmed and super relieved that we actually came back to pick him up.  I carried him to the car and he started to cry a little bit more.  Even with the tears, he said he had fun at school and was excited to go back.  He told me about coloring a picture and how they washed their hands before they had snack, which was water and "bears" (teddy grahams).  He was fine when we got home and played like usual, but he got clingy around nap time and seemed a little off when he woke up.  I cancelled my afternoon plans and just made sure to give him some extra snuggles.  

I am super relieved that Noah had a great first day.  I'm so glad that the close relationship I have with Noah has helped form a confident child that is okay with going off into the "real world" without me... even if it is just for a few hours a few days a week ;)  I am hopeful that we will have another great day tomorrow and this whole school thing will become easier and easier each day.  But at the same time, I'm also preparing myself that we could have some random "bad days" a few weeks in (as I've heard from friends with older kids).   Wish us luck!

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  1. How CUTE did he look on his first day?!! I love it! Sounds like he had a good day despite the tears at the end, he was probably just so overwhelmed from everything. But that's good he said he wanted to go back!
    I'm glad leaving him after the first hour went well, I pretty much (to this day) have to kiss Mason, open the door, and shut it behind him or he starts to cry and wants me to stay, especially on Mondays. I'm so glad he had such a good day!

  2. Totally got ready eyed reading this!!! So very proud of Noah!!!!! The tears at pick up,I think that's worse than at drop off! He was being so strong mama! Your fears were exactly like mine. I knew Lily would flourish with the structure, crafts, recess, etc... But was really nervous about leaving her. So glad the first days are over! Hoping tomorrow is an easy drop off too!!!!

  3. So happy to hear it was a successful first day! Liam tells me how there are kids in his class that still cry, and I've seen some pretty tough drop offs, but Liam always informs me that he likes his school!

  4. So glad he did well! I think sometimes it is harder for us parents than the kiddos!

  5. I love that he handle it so well. Mostly for you! It's scary living your little one for the first time. Connor and I have MOPS 3 times a month so he is used to being away from me for 3 hours each meeting. I'm hoping he does well in school come November.
    Where did you get your printables from?


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