The Adventure Starts Here: Monthly Goals - September 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monthly Goals - September 2015

This year, instead of making resolutions for the year, I decided to make monthly goals instead.  I will be sharing five goals each month that I'd like to work on.   Each month I will also reflect on how I did with the previous month's goals.

September 2015 Goals

Go for 3 walks a week
The weather has to get more mild this month right?!?  With the cooler temps, I want to start walking around the neighborhood again!  I think 3 times a week should be doable!

Limit our ice cream trips to once a week
It got a little (or a lot) out of control this summer!  I feel like we were indulging in ice cream almost every day!  While it was fun and delicious, it's not good for the scale (or our health!).  I think with the cooler temps these trips will naturally decrease, but I want ice cream to be a treat, not a staple in our diet!

Decorate the house for fall
I'm excited to clean the house top to bottom (well maybe not really excited) and bring out our fall decorations!  I may even add a few new pieces this year :)

Be productive while Noah's at preschool
Noah will be going to preschool two mornings a week for 3 hours.  I figure that after factoring in travel time, I should have 2 solid hours to myself.  I want to do all the things that are hard to do when Noah's around.  Like go through his drawers and closets, clean the bathrooms (ooh fun!), organize things, and go to any random doctor or hair appointment.  

Start meal planning again
I've been pretty bad at meal planning recently.  Chris has been working late A LOT and I just have no motivation to make dinner for just me and Noah (since Noah rarely eats a real prepared meal).  As a result, we've been eating out with my mom a lot.  I'd like to get back to planning and cooking a few meals a week and hopefully get back to eating as a family.  

Go pick peaches at the farm
Originally we planned to go as a family, but we ended up spending the morning at the pool instead.  So I made plans for Noah and me to go with some of our friends.   It was pretty hot the day we went and the peaches weren't as ripe as I would have liked, but Noah had fun :)

Celebrate our 5th Wedding Anniversary
We had planned to go to the restaurant in the hotel where we were married.  But when I called to make the reservation and asked about outside seating, they said all the seating is just in the lounge (aka the lobby area).  I was not thrilled with that, so we instead made a reservation at a local Italian restaurant that a friend recommended to us.  

Go to the beach
We went to LBI and Narragansett Beach in Rhode Island.  We learned that Noah is a total beach baby and LOVES playing in the sand.  

Work on my photography style
I think this will be an ongoing goal to work on, but I'm happy with the progress I made this month :)  

Get a pedicure
Not only was I able to get a pedicure, but I also spent some time getting my hair cut and colored.  It was nice to spend some time on my own being pampered :)

What are your goals this month?


  1. Good luck with your goals next month!!! I think they all sound great and totally doable... except the being productive during Noah's preschool time. I always say that and am HORRIBLE at following through. Whatever you do, hide the computer! That's my downfall big time! It's amazing how many blog posts you can write and blogs you can read when you have uninterrupted time :)
    You did awesome on your August goals!

  2. I'm decorating for Fall today and am so excited about it! And also trying to be productive while Liam is at school...but sometimes Finn throws off those plans.

  3. I love your goals for September. I have the same preschool goal for myself when Connor starts in November. I want to use that time for me and do things for myself so I'm aiming to not be home at all during those times. I can shop solo, visit friends or even go get my hair cut (which is long overdue!).

  4. I love that you have to limit the amount of ice cream dates! Hahaha it's so yum!

  5. Ice cream is totally suppose to be out of control in consumption amounts during the summer ;) we definitely need to limit our ice cream sandwich quota over here..


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