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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love & Hate

Elizabeth at Chasin' Mason and Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me recently tagged me to do a "Love & Hate" post.  I had seen a few people do them and thought it was such a great idea, so I was super excited to be included :)  Basically, it involves sharing 10 things I love, 10 things I hate, and then tagging 10 bloggers to participate as well.  Here we go...

1. Elephants... I've always loved elephants and as a child I called them "nonnies".  I grew up in Canada (until I was 6) and loved watching "The Elephant Show".  They were always my favorite animal at the zoo and I began collecting elephant figurines as well.  I even decorated Noah's nursery with an elephant theme :)

2. Ice Cream... I like ice cream in general, but my favorite is mint chocolate chip ice cream.  This summer we've been enjoying it a little too often since Noah seems to share my love :)

3. Making lists... I am constantly making lists on my iPhone notepad.  I made general lists and then more specific ones.  Things I need to do, grocery lists, ideas for blog posts, etc.   I also like to make lists and include things I've already completed just so I can cross it off ;)

4. My boys... I guess this one is obvious, but I really do love my husband and Noah!  Enough said :)

5. Living close to family... I really love that we live close to both my and Chris' parents.  I love that Noah will grow up close to all his grandparents.  And since I'm super close with my mom, I love that we can get together multiple times a week!

6. Pajama pants... Once I'm home for the day, I immediately change into pajama pants!  I just prefer to be in elastic waist pants :)

7. Sleeping in... This one doesn't really happen anymore.  Chris will often play with Noah and let me sleep in on the weekends, but often once I'm awake it's hard for me to go back to sleep.  I miss that part of my pre-Noah life.

8. Going to the movies... Another thing that doesn't happen as much since we had Noah.  I'm not even joking when I said that we would go to the movies 2-3 times a month.  The theater near us used to have "Free Movie Tuesdays" if you had Optimum Cable.  So Chris would I see a lot of movies on Tuesdays after work.

9. Sitting with a blanket on while the air conditioning is on... Chris used to make fun of me so much that I would watch TV with a fleece blanket on top of me because I was cold from the air conditioning.  I like the weight of a blanket on me, but then need the air on because otherwise I'd get hot ;)

10. Taking pictures and videos and making mini videos... This is another obvious one since I blog.  But I really enjoy making videos on iMovie.  Whether it's a video of our vacation or an annual recap for Noah's birthday.

1. Mice, spiders, snakes... I don't really think I need to explain this, I just HATE them all!

2. Pickles, mustard, relish... At BBQs, all I need is Ketchup and maybe some Miracle Whip on my cheeseburger.  Everything else can be left off :)

3. The dark... I am a big wuss and totally scared of the dark.  When we stay in hotels I have to keep the bathroom light on all night.  At home, we have nightlights in every room and in the hallway.

4. Scary movies... again, I'm a big wuss.  In high school I could handle the Scream movies but I definitely have no interest in the suspenseful or paranormal scary movies that are out now.  If I see a scary movie I will have bad dreams for months!

5. Cleaning bathrooms... I really don't mind cleaning, but cleaning the bathrooms is just annoying.  It's the one room I don't like letting Noah help me do.  On top of that I don't think I'm getting the shower as clean as I should be.  I'd love to get a cleaning lady just to do the bathrooms once in a while!

6. Traffic... I really despise traffic, but my worst pet peeve on the road is people who don't understand what a passing lane is.  If you are going slower or the same speed as the person in the middle lane, then get over.  I don't care if you are going the speed limit, you are not "passing", so get out of the way!

7. Shows being cut off on the Tivo (DVR)... We record everything on the DVR.  I don't think we watch anything live.  So it really bugs me when a show goes a few seconds or worse, minutes, over it's scheduled time!  And don't even get me started when a sporting event goes long and makes one of my shows start 30 minutes late, causing the last half to be cut off!  This used to happened a lot to Big Brother, so that we now record a full hour extra for the show!

8. Billing departments at the doctor's office... I'm starting to think most of the people there don't know what they are doing or don't look into your specific account before giving me information.  I don't know how many times they tell me I don't have a copay when I go to the office, only to then get a bill in the mail!  I've even told them I think I have one and then have them tell me, nope.  So when I get the bill, it just makes me annoyed.  It's much easier to hand the woman my credit card at the office than to mail it in after the fact!

9. Roller coasters... I suffer from mild motion sickness and just find them scary!  The few times I have gone on them (when I was much younger) I closed my eyes, held on for dear life, and just screamed the whole time.  Didn't enjoy it at all, so now I just skip the long line and watch Noah have fun on kiddie rides :)

10. Strong perfumes... I think this started when I was pregnant with Noah.  Prior to that, I would wear perfume every day to work.  Then during my first trimester, every slight smell bothered me.  I had a boss who's cologne (that I never noticed before) would make me want to vomit.  And even now, when someone wears more than a touch of perfume, it really bothers me.

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Feel free to participate even if I didn't tag you... I'd love to read everyone's Love & Hate lists!


  1. OMG Seth makes fun of me too but I TOTALLY use a blanket when the AC is on! It's too hot without the AC but when its on and blowing right where I'm sitting, then I'm cold! I also love ice cream (too much!) and making lists just so I can cross things off. Oh and pants with an elastic waistband also :)

  2. I would love living close to family too. We tried to move closer by coming to DC, but we are still 4 hours away. Jealous of you guys!

  3. Yes to the need for a blanket with the a/c on, all the mint chocolate chip ice cream, & list making! Especially the tidbit of placing already completed tasks on the list just to mark them off! ;)

  4. I'm right there with us on the list making! Especially now with mommy brain, if I don't make a list I will never remember. And thanks for the nomination! I'm traveling for half of September but I will try to get something together.

  5. We are so alike! I feel like I could written this! Give me all the lists!!!!!

  6. Football used to kill us on the Amazing Race - had to tape and extra hour for that one too. Last year it was on a different day, so it might be better. I'm also a blanket girl. I have one on right now. My computer gets too hot for my legs so I put the blanket under, which seems counterproductive, but it makes sense to me. I'll have to work on a list!


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