The Adventure Starts Here: Long Labor Day Weekend | Sesame Place

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Long Labor Day Weekend | Sesame Place

Last week, we went back to Sesame Place, or "Elmo's Park" as Noah calls it.  When we went back in July, there was a deal going on that for $5 more each ticket, you got to come a second time "for free" before the end of the year.  We decided to go this week, because we figured it would be less crowded since Pennsylvania (where the park located) started school this week and we wanted to go on the water rides before they closed after Labor Day.   We thought it was the PERFECT day to go, but once we got there we found out that many water rides weren't running until much later in the day because of being short staffed (most of their staff are college students who already went back to school).  Chris and I were seriously bummed (and annoyed), but Noah didn't know any better and couldn't care less.  We did go down one of the water slides twice and tried the large family sized raft slide for the first time.  We didn't get to go on one of our favorite water slides from last time and we once again didn't get to try the lazy river.  Instead, we spent some time in the mini wave pool and splash pad.  

With the extra time we had, we decided to go meet some characters after eating lunch.  We spotted Super Grover, Zoe, and Bert & Ernie as we were walking around the park.  There would be a short line in order to get a picture with them, but not a big deal at all.  Elmo & Big Bird and Cookie Monster were set up at the 1, 2, 3 Smile area where they had a professional photographer to take your photo with the character.  Noah was so excited to see Big Bird this time, since last time he only saw him in the parade.  Noah also decided Cookie wasn't scary this time and got a photo with him as well.  I made sure to tell Cookie that he and Noah share a birthday!  Chris also made sure to tell Elmo that Noah calls Sesame Place "Elmo's Park".  Even though the characters don't actually talk back, I was very impressed that they respond enthusiastically with big hand gestures :)  I was also shocked and impressed that Noah went up to Bert & Ernie all by himself :)

We went to see another show this visit, but a different one than last time.  This show was just like the "Elmo the Musical" that you see in the tv show.  It was inside and starred Elmo and Cookie Monster.  We were lucky enough to sit on the aisle and see both Elmo and Cookie as they ran down the stairs to the stage :)

We had some time before the parade at 3 pm, so we played a water gun game (and lost to a Grandma), enjoyed a huge waffle cone, and went on a few of the "dry" rides.  It was beyond hot, so we were all starting to feel really hot and sweaty at this point.  We were drinking water like it was our job!  

Last visit, we learned that people start saving seats for the parade pretty early.  So an hour before the parade, we went to put our towel down and were surprised that all the spots in the shade were already taken!  Noah was super excited for the parade... he was calling out to the characters and was dancing to the music.  

So even though the day didn't go as we had envisioned, we still had a lot of fun!  We were all super hot and exhausted by the end of the day.  When we got in the car, Noah immediately asked for a snack.  We gave him two gogurts from our cooler and he drained them in about 2 minutes.  He handed me the empty gogurt and by the time I put the trash in the cup holder and turned around, Noah had passed out!  The sign of a super fun day :)


  1. Oh how fun!!! I'm glad you guys got to go again and still play a little in the water. Isn't it funny how even though things don't work out the way you envision, the kids don't know any better and you just turn it around and you all have a grey day. Sesame Place sounds fun - like a combo between a water park and Disneyland!

  2. this place looks magical! seriously rides, and water, and characters!!

  3. Aww what a bummer about the water stuff! But Noah looks like he didn't mind at least and had an absolute blast!

  4. Sesame place looks like SO much fun!!! Got to get me there sometime!


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