The Adventure Starts Here: Long Labor Day Weekend | The Pool, a BBQ, and a Watermelon Craft

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Long Labor Day Weekend | The Pool, a BBQ, and a Watermelon Craft

Happy Tuesday (that feels like a Monday)!  I'm sure we will be moving at a slower pace today and really missing Chris.  We were spoiled to have Chris home from last Thursday through yesterday and we stayed busy doing lots of fun activities.  We lucked out and got some pretty amazing (even if it was a little too hot sometimes) for the last official weekend of Summer!  

On Sunday, Chris' parents came over to go swimming and then for a super casual BBQ on our deck.  As soon as I brought Noah's swim suit downstairs at 9 am, he kept asking "are we going now".  Too bad the pool didn't open til 10, so the question got old fast!  Thankfully we had daddy and Paw Patrol to keep him busy and distracted!  Finally, 10 o'clock came and we headed to the pool.  We did some swimming, jumping, playing in the baby pool, and even had a little animal cracker snack before heading home.  At home, we grilled and ate way too much food, while Noah played in his sand and water table and pretending to grill as well :)  The highlight for Noah though was the patriotic cupcakes Nonna & Granddad brought over.  Noah was happy with his bomb pop until he saw the cupcakes!  We of course sang a Labor Day rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" and had Noah blow out a candle.  He then quickly stuck his face into the icing and made quite the mess out of his face and chair.  It was a really nice way to spend one of the last mornings of Summer :)

Because of the delicious cupcakes, no one noticed that we forgot to take the watermelon out!  While we forgot to eat it on Sunday, we still made sure to do a "Watermelon Craft" with Noah.  I thought it would be fitting to do it as our last "summer craft" before starting up with a ton of fall themed crafts this week.  Chris is a huge fan of watermelon, so I knew I wanted him to be involved.  I told Noah about it and he asked to do it ALL weekend!  It was super easy, so not really many directions are necessary.  Just cut a paper plate in half and paint it green.  Then cut a bunch of squares out of a pink piece of construction paper and start gluing them all over the paper plate.  Finish it by adding some "seeds" with a black marker or crayon.   Such a super easy craft, but Noah loved it since he was involved in every part... even the cutting!  

Hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!  
And if you like the crafts Noah and I make, don't forget to pin them for later :)


  1. Looks like THEE best labor day weekend! Pool time & popsicles!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, how cute is that craft?! Look at him pretending to eat it. I love it. I swear I say it every time, but you really have the cutest crafts!!!
    It sounds like you guys had a great weekend with swimming and BBQing and those yummy looking cupcakes!

  3. What a cute craft! He looks so proud!

  4. I love the scrub-looking-thing he's wearing to stay clean during craft time! brilliant! Where can you buy those?


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