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Friday, September 11, 2015


Even though it was a short week, it was an exciting one!  We had our first day of swim class and Noah's first day of Preschool!  We also decorated for fall, or as Noah called it "make it Halloween"!  I'll be sure to share our fall decor and all about Noah's first day very soon :)  In the meantime, here's some other fun stuff from this week... have a fantastic weekend!


This week, Noah and I did some gardening with my parents.  My dad is our "landscaper" and takes care of our grass.  Chris cuts it, but my dad makes sure it stays alive ;)  We went to our local nursery and picked up 6 mums and these two other potted plants (I have no clue what they are called).  Noah helped my dad plant some mums by our mailbox and the rest in our backyard flower box.  Meanwhile, I trimmed a bunch of our dead flowers from the summer.  Noah was so excited that my dad gave him his own gloves and a padded knee pad to use.  


Noah is a huge fan of trucks and of a YouTube show called "The Axel Show".  We simply call it Axel Trucks because it's all about this little boy (Axel) and his daddy going on adventures to look at real construction vehicles and playing with their own trucks.  Axel has a few Bruder trucks, so when Noah saw the recycling truck at Home Goods, he immediately said "Axel Trucks" and then said "need that!".  I texted Chris and said that it was over $60 on Amazon, so if it was a good deal, then to get it.  Since it was "only" $35, we immediately picked it up.  The truck is massive... Noah puts all of his matchbox cars inside the garbage truck!  Not even a week later and Chris wanted to go back and look for more trucks.  That time, they decided to get the crane and we've been having fun picking up trucks and other random toys with the hook ever since!  The links below are for Amazon, but their prices are CRAZY!  My suggestion is to try Home Goods or TJ Maxx since they are only $35 there.  These trucks are great quality and large, so the price is actually pretty reasonable.  


Speaking of trucks, Noah is obsessed with construction vehicles right now!  Whenever we go in the car, he likes to spot the "diggers" and count how many we see on the trip.  I guess they are doing some construction in our development, because there have been quite a few diggers parked all over.  Whenever Chris spots one, he comes home wanting to take Noah to see them.  This week we made two separate trips to see 4 different diggers... Noah was in heaven!  We even let him sit in one!


This is super random, but recently I ordered this brown bear.  I've been having issues with my brown sugar getting clumpy in between uses.  I heard about this on Natalie's blog and immediately ordered one.  It's like magic and now keeps my brown sugar soft.  


We had Noah's first day of preschool yesterday, but that deserves it's own special post on Monday.  But in addition to starting school, we also had our first swim class of the Fall session.  I knew he'd do well since we've been swimming all Summer, but I was still very impressed!  He kicked a ton, swimming really well with his little swim belt on.  He currently has three "bubbles" on, but the teacher says we will try two next week!  He was a pro at floating on his back and getting in and out of the pool.  He even held onto my hands, put his legs out behind him to swim "like Kaitlyn (his older cousin)", and put his face under water while I pulled him towards me.  He is definitely not afraid of the water!  At the end of each class, the kids stand on this step that's under water and jump through a hula hop to their parents.  Noah used to be so afraid of this, but ever since jumping off the side of the pool this summer, he's no longer scared.  He went right up to the step and really jumped off.. the teacher was even impressed!  

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  1. Hope the first day of school went well! and yay for swimming lessons. I'm thinking I will put Palmer in again in the winter, once she turns 3 and can go in the lessons alone. We did 2 groups of mom and tot lessons - kind of annoying to say the least.

    Love the gardening photos! Happy weekend, Meghan!

  2. You guys take the best selfies! So cute! I love it.
    Those trucks look awesome! I bet Mason would love them. I'll have to check the next time we're at Home Goods and see if they have some on sale!


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