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Friday, September 18, 2015

Fri-Yay | All About the Makeup!

Happy Friday!  This week, I thought I'd do a different "Five on Friday" than I normally do.  I wanted to share with you the beauty/makeup products that I use on a regular basis.  This is just the stuff I use for my everyday "face".  I have extra eyeshadows and lipsticks for when I want a more dramatic look... for those rare dates we go on ;)  I have gone through a few phases with which products I prefer, but regardless of the brand I'm using I always go for a very simple and neutral look.  I used to only wear Clinique, then I started wearing a lot of Bare Minerals.  I still use a lot of both of their products, but I've mixed in a few other brands based on recommendations.  I am by no means a beauty expert (obviously!), these are just the products I'm using and loving at the moment.  


Prep... Recently I purchased this Mary Kay Acne System and while I sometimes forget to use it, I really do love it.  When I am in a rush, I just use these makeup remover wipes and this lotion (it's technically men's, but it's the same as the women's and I prefer the squeeze bottle) and call it a night.  But when I take my time, I do the whole 4 piece system and apply this eye cream (I love the applicator!).  In high school I had AMAZING skin... as in I never got a pimple or anything.  Weird I know!  While I escaped the usual teenage acne, I instead got hit with it in my mid 20s and it's still going strong.  I have some prescription ointment I apply when I get a doozy of a pimple, and before Noah was born, I was getting regular facials.  But now I just don't have the time (or money) for that.  While I still get some hormonal acne, I've found I can keep it under control for the most part. 


Face... I have been switching foundations a lot recently!  When Noah was first born, I wanted something that wasn't as thick because I felt like it was rubbing off on his clothes when we snuggled.  At that time, I switched to a tinted moisturizer.  But just recently I felt like I needed some more coverage and heard about this foundation from Merrick's Art.  I went to Sephora looking for a different acne concealer, but they didn't have it.  Instead, the sale associate recommended this one.  I like it because while it conceals it also has some acne treatment in it.  

foundation (fresh honey)| concealer (medium)


Color... I am a bronze lover!  I use it all year round and feel pale and ghostly if I don't have it on.  I also love this NARS stick as a blush.  Technically it's an all over stick and called the "multiple", but I just use it on my cheekbones.  The color name cracks me up too!

bronzer (faux tan) | brush | NARS multiple stick (orgasm)


Eyes... I know most people say mascara is their one item they must have.  For me, it's eyeliner (or is it bronzer and chapstick?).  I really don't feel complete without it on.  For everyday wear, I've recently found these cream eyeshadows that I'm really loving.  But when dressing up I really do love a smokey eye.  

eyeliner (eternal bronze) | cream eyeshadow (beach blonde and iced cocoa)


Extras... I should probably wear these more often, but in all honesty, I often forget.  I am one of those rare creatures who isn't obsessed with my lashes or eyebrows.  I have never filled in my brows and only wear mascara when dressing up.  As a result, I don't think I've ever bought mascara, I just use the ones that come in my Clinique free gifts.  But when I do put on mascara, I make sure to use a eyelash curler.  I use it so rarely that I'm embarrassed to say that this one is super old and I should probably get a new one for sanitary reasons... it's not like they are expensive!  

I've also never been one to wear a bold lip.  Like I said, I'd prefer a smoky eye.  But I really do like these chubby sticks by Clinique.  I really like this plum color because it gives me a deep rich color without going crazy.  

chubby stick (voluptuous violet) | mascara | eyelash curler

What are some of your favorite beauty/makeup products?

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  1. I love Clinque. I need to replenish my makeup bag. I'm running low on so many things that maybe once they are empty I will splurge on some fun new items.

  2. So, honest question: how do you store your makeup? You've got nice-quality products, and it seems like you rotate things in and out based on what you're doing that day. I've got two or three different bags, and it's just not working for me...I want to find a new way to organize things. Any advice would be welcome! :)

  3. My sister raves about the chubby sticks. In not much of a lip gal myself. I definitely can't leave home with mascara. My number one for sure!!

  4. Hi Meghan - I'm loving your blog. Just stopped by from Five on Friday. My favorite make up is Pur Minerals. It has been my favorite since the little makeover I had right before my first was born and that's been about 5 years ago. It doesn't rub off, has great coverage and surprisingly hides my acne issues too! I am in my early 30s and you'd think I wouldn't have to deal with breakouts! Crazy. I will look into the mary kay acen system you mentioned. Am your newest follower!

  5. I'm definitely one of those people who can't live without mascara. But eye liner is super big for me too! Makeup is so fun!


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