The Adventure Starts Here: Fall Fest and an Art Party

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fall Fest and an Art Party

We had quite a busy weekend.  On Saturday, we went to a Fall Fest in a neighboring town.  We used to go to the Morristown Fall Festival, but last year we were a little disappointed in it.  So this year we decided to try out the festivals closer to our new house.  This particular festival advertised bounce houses and food trucks... so we figured we would all enjoy it :)

When we got there, Noah made a beeline to the bounce house.  They had some huge ones with obstacle courses and slides, but Noah went straight to the little kid train one.  He was also very interested in the inflatable "sports" thing.  It was a pentagon of sorts with a different sport on each side... baseball, football, soccer, basketball, and darts.  Noah's favorite was definitely the baseball and we were impressed at his hitting skills.  We even tested out to see if he preferred hitting with his right or left hand (since he uses his left in everyday activities) and it seems like he prefers his right for the time being.  

While it wasn't advertised on the flyer, we were very excited to see they had some fire trucks, police cars, and a police four wheeler there for the kids to explore.  Noah met some fire fighters and got a hat and a sticker badge :)  He then went around sitting in/on all of the vehicles.  He was pretty excited about sitting on the four wheeler since that's what Ryder (from Paw Patrol) drives!  He was also a little obsessed with pushing the buttons that turned the sirens on and honked the horns!

^^^ Noah is very used to being overly photographed ;)

We finally decided it was time to eat!  They had food trucks lined up and I immediately knew I wanted to go to the Oink and Moo BBQ truck.  I debated between getting the pulled pork tacos and the pulled pork sliders, and ended up getting the sliders.  I'm not usually a fan of cole slaw, but I really liked theres!  Chris however made the wrong choice and picked the truck with the longest wait known to man!  He was especially bummed when he found out other trucks had Cubans and Lobster Rolls!  For dessert, we got some frozen banana "ice cream".  They have this exact truck on the pier in Hoboken and this was the first "ice cream" Noah ever had.  I got the Banana Cream Pie which is basically banana "ice cream", nutella, and graham crackers... AMAZING!

^^^ Noah kept himself entertained while we stood in line for food.  I like his corn hole method ;)

On Sunday, we went to Madeline's 4th birthday party.  It was an art party and Noah got to color a paper plate butterfly (very similar to this craft we made at home) and paint an "initial canvas".  Since Noah loves doing crafts at home with me, he was totally in his element.  

After the craft portion of the party, they played a few games with the kids.  They did "Simon Says" and "Freeze Dance".  Noah had never played before, but got really into it.  After pizza and singing "Happy Birthday", the kids got to decorate their own cupcake.  It was a really cute and fun birthday party!

^^^Chris has been friends with the birthday girl's mom for a while and it's been so cute to see Noah and Madeline become better friends as they get older.  


  1. Sounds like a super fun and busy weekend! That festival sounds really awesome and those bounce houses look like fun! There's a festival coming up at a local school in a couple weeks and I'm hoping that we can go to it (and that it's even half as cool as yours!).

  2. The Fall Fest looked awesome! That's so cool they had the rescue trucks too. Paw Patrol all the way. Love the idea of an art party...such a fun activity for the kids!

  3. I am such a festival groupie. Like it's my JAM come Fall. We have 5 scheduled and I hope we can pick up a couple more this season.
    That birthday party was adorable. I love the use of the paint palettes for the toppings - GENIUS!

  4. What fun weekend! Lots of play and parties!

  5. ah! SUCH a cute weekend!! between the fire engines (AND FOOD!!) and the art party thats a recipe for a fun-hangover for sure ;)


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