The Adventure Starts Here: Butterfly and Dragonfly Toddler Crafts

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Butterfly and Dragonfly Toddler Crafts

Today I wanted to share two crafts we recently did involving paint.  I tend to like to do a few crafts of the same theme.  This time we did some "flying insects" and made a butterfly and a dragonfly.  We did the butterfly with my mom while we were at Grandma & Papa's house this weekend.  I loved this craft because it allowed for total creative freedom!  We did the dragonfly yesterday and I actually made one myself at the same time (since I cut the egg carton in half and had enough "supplies" to make two).  Again, I loved this craft because Noah got to choose his favorite colors and was able to paint the egg carton however he wanted (which for him, involved a lot of mixing colors)!  As long as you aren't scared of a little painting mess, these crafts are super simple and super fun!

Paper Plate Butterfly

Materials needed:
paper plate
sharpie (for eyes and mouth)

This craft was so simple.  You just paint the paper plate however you like.  Once it dried, I cut the paper plate in half and then made a curved like "v" in the sides to make the wings.  I then glued the paper plate wings together and the popsicle stick (body) to the plate.  I then just used a black sharpie to make eyes and a mouth.  I used a colored popsicle stick, but you could easily decorate them yourself with markers or even paint.  We didn't do it, but you could also add pipe cleaners as antennae :)

Egg Crate Dragonfly

half of a cardboard egg container
card stock (cut in the shape of wings)
tissue paper squares
pipe cleaner

Cut the cardboard egg container in half.  Then paint it with whatever colors you'd like.  While that dries, cover the wings with tissue paper squares (using glue).  Then trim the pieces of paper that hang over.  Glue the wings to the body.  Finish by poking two holes into the "head" of the dragonfly and sticking 2 small pieces of pipe cleaner in for the antennae.  

^^^ this time I covered the table with craft paper, but in the past I used a white garbage bag

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  1. Total fan of that dragonfly craft!!! Pinning for later!! :)

  2. Oh how fun!! I love that the butterflies were made from cutting the paper plates in half. I also love that Grandma is just as into it as Noah!

  3. Love this idea!! Mac is really into butterflies right now, so we need to do this. Great idea and love the photos!


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