The Adventure Starts Here: Back to School Fri-yay!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School Fri-yay!

Can you believe we've finished our first week in September and it isn't even Labor Day yet!?  Chris took off yesterday and his work gives him today and Monday off for holiday.  We are staying very busy this weekend, enjoying every last bit of Summer!  This summer has been very good to us, but with Noah starting preschool next week, my thoughts have quickly been shifting to that.  I'm a planner by nature, so I've been figuring out how early we need to get up, be downstairs, and when we need to be out the door.  I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to document this momentous occasion and so far I like what I've found :)  The only wild card now is how Noah will react when we say goodbye and he's left to play with his friends and teacher.  We talk about it a lot and he's fully aware that mommy will go home, and so far he says he's totally okay with that.  He saw a bus the other day and excitedly asked if he gets to ride one to school... sorry buddy, not for a few more years!    So in honor of Noah starting school next week, here's a back to school themed "Five on Friday"!


In preparation for Noah starting school, I've been thinking about how I'm going to handle all the papers that come home as well as all the art projects he's bound to create.  I found this idea on Pinterest and liked it for storing everything once the school year was over.   However, I still wanted something I could keep on my kitchen counter to store the current school year's stuff.  So I decided to make a binder, with a few folders and page protectors.  I plan to use the page protectors for things like his "back to school interview", first day of school photos, professional school photo, and any artwork he brings home.  If the artwork is too large, I will most likely display it on the wall for a little while and take a photo of it to keep, while the original gets recycled.  In the folders, I will keep the class list and any other papers I need to keep for reference.   I made a simple cover for the binder in photoshop.  At the end of each year, I will decide what deserves to be kept and it will go into the file box.  I also want to photograph all of Noah's artwork and eventually make a book... I just haven't decided whether I'll use Artkive or create a simple Shutterfly book.


Speaking of a "back to school interview", I found a few online that I liked.  But since there were changes I wanted to make on each one I found, I decided it would be easier to just make my own in Photoshop.  If you would like a copy, let me know in the comments and I'll send it right over.  I can even customize the school year for you.  I was so impressed that Noah wrote his name all by himself as I spelled it out for him.  I love that his N is backwards and his A is missing the line across, and instead added it up above.  I expected most of his responses but thought it was extra cute that he said his cousin, Kaitlyn, was his best friend!


I have a few ideas for his first day of school photos.  I want to take a few in front of our white garage so I have a good backdrop to do one of these.  I also have a mini chalkboard I want to use as well as a printable to put in a frame for him to hold.


In preparation of starting school, we've done some fall clothes shopping.  While he will most likely be wearing shorts and t-shirts for the first month, I couldn't help getting excited about buying new pants and long-sleeve shirts.  We also got Noah's feet measured (he's now a size 10) and bought him a few pairs of shoes for the fall.  My mom, who is super generous and loves to shop, bought 95% of it!  Here are some of my favorites...  


Finally, I wanted to do something special for Noah on his first day.  I contemplated making yellow dyed pancakes for breakfast, but I figure we will be in a rush and I want to avoid as much added stress as I can.  So instead, I figure I can make his favorite muffins ahead of time.  And since Noah loves any excuse for a candle, I thought I could easily stick a candle in it for Noah to blow out.  Chris will be taking the morning off, so I figured we could all sing "Happy First Day of School".   Not what I have in mind, but I thought these crayon cupcakes were adorable too :)


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  1. I made a very similar binder! I am using clear pockets and page projectors to keep everything together and then when school is over I plan on making one of those comprehensive binders. I really like this one:

  2. Wow, he writes his name so well. Must be all that crafting time. Seriously, Reed can hardly draw a straight line, let alone a letter. I'm impressed!

  3. Those cupcakes are SO cute!!! Are they real crayons? They're just for show, right? You don't light the candles? lol
    Also love everything you're doing for him for his first day!!! Even though Mason's been going for a year, Tuesday is his 1 year since he's been there so I plan to take a few pictures to remember the occasion and promote him to 3 year old preschool :) Oh and I have a way to showcase his work... coming to the blog soon!
    Oh and I'm SO impressed he can write his name!!!

  4. These are great ideas! I especially love taking pictures of his artwork instead of keeping it all. Much easier to manage!


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