The Adventure Starts Here: Weekend Fun - Happy 5!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Fun - Happy 5!

Recently, our weekends have become even more precious to us. In the last month or so, Chris has been working late so much, that coming home on time has been the rarity.  That means that instead of leaving at 6 am and being home by 6:45 pm, he isn't getting home until after 9 pm!  It makes for a super long day for Chris as well as a long day for me!  I've moved Noah's bedtime back a little as a result, but it still means that Chris only sees Noah for about 10-15 minutes each day and they don't really get to play.  We've tried to take back our summer a little bit by having Chris take off every other Friday.  Since our 5th wedding anniversary was this past Friday, we made that one of the Fridays he took off :)  

The highlights of Friday included having our handyman come over to fix the closet doors in the basement, I was able to go out and get my hair cut and colored, and Chris and I got to go celebrate our anniversary with a dinner out :)

Noah wouldn't attempt saying "Happy Anniversary", so instead, we taught him to say "Happy 5"... it was super cute and he kept saying it all day long :)  While I went to get my hair done, Chris took Noah outside to play with the chalk and texted me this super cute message!

^^^ I've known my hairdresser longer than I've known Chris.  She did my hair for my wedding, so I had to get a picture of us exactly 5 years later ;)

My mom came over to watch Noah so that we could go out to dinner.  Since Noah won't go to bed without me, we try to go to an early-ish dinner and be home in time to put him to bed :)  Before leaving, we made sure to get some family pictures.  Chris had the idea to take a picture of us holding a framed wedding photo.  On our 10th anniversary we will take a picture of us holding a framed photo of the picture below.  We hope to do this every 5 years :)  It was too funny when my mom commented that it reminded her of Modern Family, since that's where Chris got the idea and how he described what he wanted to do!

my dress - Loft (old)

Before going to the restaurant, we headed to our wedding venue.  We just so happen to now live in the same town where we were married.  I drive by it almost every single day, but we haven't walked around the grounds since our wedding.  Originally we thought we'd eat dinner there, but when I called to make the reservation I found out we would just be sitting in a lounge area since it's just a hotel restaurant and not a real stand alone establishment.  We opted to find another restaurant.

^^^ I had to get a picture in this spot... I took quite a few photos by myself and with my bridesmaids in this location!

We finally made it to dinner at Focacceria and were so excited to get a table outside since it was such a beautiful night!  I had driven by this restaurant a few times and was interested in trying it.  Once our friends told us it was a must try, we knew we had to go for our anniversary!  The food was delicious and the service was great!  We shared a caprese with prosciutto appetizer, I had a fettuccine bolognese and Chris had linguini with clams, and we each had a berry tart for dessert :)

Not only did we make it home for bedtime, but also to sing "Happy 5" and let Noah blow out a candle.  I had no interest in eating the cake (so full from dinner), but Noah was beyond excited for the cake and candle!  

As for gifts, Chris surprised me with a few things throughout the day.  Some pretty flowers (purple for me and yellow for Noah) and an anniversary balloon :)  He also gave me a beautiful personalized card and a gift card for a massage.  I went the traditional route and got Chris a wooden "map of NJ" with our anniversary date engraved as well as a card :)  

On Saturday, Chris went to the Mets vs. Red Sox baseball game with some friends.  I always laugh, because whenever I ask Chris what he wants for birthdays, Father's Day, anniversaries, he tells me nothing, but that he'd like to go to a sporting event or the golf outing through his work.  I've lost track, but for all I know this baseball game could have also been an anniversary gift ;)

Since he was gone all afternoon and into the evening, Noah and I decided to go to my parents' house for dinner.  I didn't have to worry about dinner and Noah got to play with Grandma & Papa.  I even brought over the supplies for a craft I had wanted to do with Noah and my mom ended up doing it too!  Stay tuned on Wednesday to see what they made :)

On Sunday, Chris stayed home with Noah while I went to get my massage.  It was super relaxing and I would love to make them a regular thing :)  As soon as I got home, we headed to Open Gym at Gymboree.  They had just changed the set up of the room, so we had lots of fun exploring.  As we were leaving I asked Noah what he wanted for lunch.  I was having trouble understanding what he was saying, but finally realized he wanted a smoothie from the Red Mango next door.  I'm amazed he remembered it since my mom has only taken him there once and it was a long time ago!  We shared a strawberry banana smoothie and then headed home for lunch and a nap.  

We had planned to go to the pool after nap, but Noah didn't want to go and I had a headache.  Instead, we played around the house and then I took some pictures of Noah for his birthday invitation.  We bribed him to take photos by promising a "jump rope" that was really just a piece of twine ;)  He was also pretty excited to find a leaf and an acorn in the backyard.

How was your weekend?


  1. Long work days are so tough, for everyone! But sounds like your anniversary celebration was amazing!

  2. I am in the beginning process of getting things together for Connor's birthday, too. I don't think I'm going to go all out like I've done in years past BUT I will do turning 3 justice!
    Poor Chris... he sounds like James. While James doesn't get home that late, there he is never home before 7 and then he has particular days during the month that he has meetings or calls and then he doesn't get home until after bedtime.

  3. What a busy and fun weekend! That stinks that Chris has been working late but I am glad he is able to squeeze in some extra time off as well.

    You all should definitely stop by Mystic next time you drive by. Noah would love the Seaport museum and there is a big aquarium too that is supposed to be pretty good!

  4. Oh man, that's rough that Chris has been having such long days! But at least he gets to have every other Friday off. That is nice! Seth works 10 hours a day, Monday - Thursday every week, and 9 hours on the every other Friday in order to have every other Friday off. I'd totally do that too just to have a 3 day weekend every other weekend. Hopefully he doesn't have to work so late so much!
    Sounds like you guys had a great time celebrating your anniversary though!!


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