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Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Fun at Home

We've been having a super busy summer.  We've been spending quite a few weekends out of town or had nonstop activities planned.  We have tried to keep one weekend a month free of outside activities so we can just do things at home as a family.  This weekend was one of those...

On Saturday, Noah woke up wanting to play Paw Patrol with Chris right away! Noah now has all the dogs/trucks and is obsessed with having the dogs go to the "look-out", then slide down to their trucks, and then "save" the bunnies (that came in one of the truck sets).  

Originally we had planned to go peach picking Saturday morning.  Chris then asked if we had time to go to the pool this weekend as well.  I told him we'd have to do either peaches or pool, but probably wouldn't have time for both (naps can really eat into our weekend fun ;)).  We decided to leave the decision to Noah, and he chose the pool.  It was for the best... it as HOT this weekend!

After Noah's nap, we took a little trip down memory lane.  Chris' grandfather passed away 23 years ago this past Saturday.  In memory of him, Chris wanted to drive by his grandparents' old house as well as his parents' old house (that was around the corner).  For dinner, we went to a burger and hot dog restaurant that he used to go to as a kid.  We then drove by both houses and had Noah replicate a throwback photo of Chris at age 4 in front of his grandparents' house.  I'm not sure if Noah had any clue what was really going on, but he sure did like driving around in his car and loved it when the ice cream truck just happened to stop by right in front of the house!  Chris felt it was a sign that his grandfather was near :)

^^^ The first house Chris lived in... aren't those street signs so cute!

^^^ Chris at age 4 (1982) and Noah at age 2 (2015)

^^^ a cherry and 2 banana italian ice :)

On Sunday, we went to Open Gym at Gymboree as a family.  At one point we were the only ones there, and it was great!  Noah loves Open Gym because he gets to play with the balls (they don't take them out during class) AND Chris is super fun at coming up with all sorts of games.  In class last week, they pretended they were astronauts blasting off in a rocket ship, so yesterday, he made Chris and me get inside the "rocket ship" too and all blast off together :)

After Noah's nap, we headed over to the mall.  I had a return to do at Loft, which turned into an exchange.  Noah started off "helping" me shop, but after a while got bored, so Chris took him outside to hang out :)  We then had pizza for dinner and ice cream for dessert (a common dinner for us around here). 

^^^ Maybe Noah watches too much Paw Patrol, because he is now eating ice cream like a dog!

How was your weekend???


  1. So sweet that you drove past his grandfather's house to remember him. And I love the comparison photo!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun, relaxing weekend!! I'm super jealous of all the good food and ice cream you had too! YUM!
    Also, did you stop by Loft for the sale? I had wanted to go by since they were having 40% off, but I didn't make it out and I'm kicking myself now!

  3. Such a nicer relaxing weekend!!! It's been a busy summer for us too!!
    Love that yall were able to recreate that picture! Priceless for sure!
    Hope yall get to go peach picking soon!!!


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