The Adventure Starts Here: Under the Sea Crafts - Part 2

Monday, August 10, 2015

Under the Sea Crafts - Part 2

We had another super fun weekend!  Chris took Friday off and we headed up to Rhode Island to visit my brother and his family.  Noah had a little runny nose on the drive up, but by the time we got to the beach it was dripping nonstop!  It didn't stop him from playing in the sand, it just meant I had to follow him around with a wet wipe cleaning up his snot ;)  It got worse and Friday night, Noah kept waking up crying every 20 minutes. Chris ended up going to the Walmart next to our hotel to get some Tylenol at 1 am, just so we could all get some sleep!  The runny nose has just kept getting worse and he now has a cough, but still no fever.  We are taking the next few days to recuperate and avoid getting anyone else sick!  I'll be back tomorrow sharing all the fun details of our trip :)

In July, I shared some "Under the Sea" crafts Noah and I did.  We made some fish and a turtle.  Since it's summer and Noah loved doing those crafts so much, I decided to stick with the "under the sea" theme and do an octopus and jelly fish craft.  

Materials needed:
Blue card stock
Muffin liner
Card stock in same color as muffin liner
Pink card stock for the mouth
Googly Eyes
Ocean stickers (optional)

I used a 12x12 piece of blue card stock as the ocean background.  I flattened the muffin liner for Noah, cut out 8 rectangles for the legs, and a pink mouth.  After everything is prepared, it's as simple as gluing everything down and assembling the octopus.  I explained that the octopus had 8 legs (and we counted them many times) and that his "legs" are called tentacles.  We started with a glue stick, but then switched to regular Elmer's glue to attach the eyes and for the cheerios.  Squirting the glue and placing the cheerios on is a great fine motor skill exercise.  

While the project could be considered finished, I remembered that I just recently bought some ocean life stickers at Michaels.  Noah loves stickers, so I had him decorate the "ocean" background with them.  

We continued on with the tentacled sea creatures and made a jelly fish next.  We love making "stained glass" crafts around here, but for this one we added an extra special feature...

Materials needed:
Tissue paper squares - I let Noah choose the colors from my stash
White card stock (for the jellyfish "frame")
Contact paper
Gift wrap ribbon (in your choice of colors)

I simply free handed the jelly fish (a half circle) on some white card stock and then cut it out to act as the outline.  I stuck it to a piece of contact paper and then let Noah stick the tissue paper squares all over the sticky contact paper.  When he was finished, I helped him place the strips of ribbon to the bottom of the jellyfish.  I then sealed the craft together with an extra piece of contact paper.  Usually, I just have to cut around the craft to trim the extra contact paper, but this time I had to avoid trimming the hanging ribbon.  So I lifted the contact paper up where the ribbon hung, and trimmed it that way.  

^^^ Noah decided it was fun to blow the tissue paper squares off the table and to stick them outside the jelly fish as well

^^^ Noah wanted to help hang it up, even though he kept getting the tape stuck to himself and folded ;)  I then noticed that the glass door was full of little Noah handprints, and Noah was adamant to help clean them up as soon as I took the windex out ;)

We are now officially done with our "Under the Sea" crafts.  But I have lots of other animals for Noah to create!

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  1. Your crafts are just adorable!!! I can't wait for Liam to come home from school with art projects this fall!

  2. Love the jellyfish! I keep putting contact paper on my shopping list because of you and then can't find it at Target. I need to go to Walmart.

  3. SO creative!!! Seriously. Totally bookmarking this for a rainy day (hopefully this winter!).

  4. Love!! Definitely pinning that jelly fish for a future craft project!!!

  5. How young does Noah look :) We're big sea creature fans, this would be fun to do after an Aquarium visit!


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