The Adventure Starts Here: Rhode Island - Narragansett Beach

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rhode Island - Narragansett Beach

This past weekend we made the 4 hour (ended up being 5 hours with traffic and a stop for lunch and gas) to visit my brother and his family in Rhode Island.  This is now the third summer (you can see 2014 and 2013 here) we've done this and we really look forward to going to the beach and watching the cousins play together.  The first summer we did this, Noah was only 8 months old and it was his first time at the beach.  During that visit, we just went to the beach one morning, where he was able to feel the sand with his hands and feet and we held him up so he could dip his toes in the water.  Last year he was able to play with his cousins more, but this year he really blossomed and loved playing at the beach.  We basically had to carry him to the car screaming Friday night because he didn't want to leave!  (I think he also realized at that very moment that he was starving... when Noah's at the beach, he has no interest in drinking or eating, he just wants to play!)  

Noah had a quick 30 minute cat nap in the car ride to Rhode Island, so when we got to my brother's house at 2pm, we were able to leave immediately for the beach after quickly changing into our swim suits.  My brother lives only 30 minutes from Narragansett Beach, so we were there by 3pm.  It was pretty packed by the time we arrived, but we were still able to find a nice spot right by the water.  The older kids usually like to boogie board and swim in the ocean the majority of the time.  But since Noah was going to be there (and Kaitlyn and Noah have a mutual love for each other), Kaitlyn told us she planned to play in the sand with him the entire time.  She even told her mom she didn't need her rash guard because she wouldn't be going in the water since she'd be playing with Noah.  She did end up playing with Noah for quite a while, but did end up going in the water with her dad (my brother) and was happy to have her rash guard (her mom was smart and brought it anyway).  

Meanwhile, Noah had fun building sand castles, digging huge holes, and filling them with water.  Chris walked back and forth to the water to fill up plastic pails countless times (he wished he was wearing his pedometer!).  The boys helped a few times, but it was Chris' "job" primarily.  As I mentioned last week, Noah scraped his knee pretty badly on Thursday.  While he was a trooper and didn't want a bandaid on it when we were at home, I was worried that the sand would irritate it.  I told him he'd have to wear a bandaid at the beach, to which he adamantly told me no.  I finally gave in and told him I'd bring one with me and see how it felt.  Noah was right and Mommy was wrong... it didn't bother him one bit!  So while the scraped knee was no problem at all, instead I had to worry about following Noah around with a wet wipe cleaning up his snot!  That runny nose was crazy!

The kids did take a short break to enjoy a snack.  We came prepared with some juice boxes and a variety of bagged chips, cookies, and popcorn.  Noah wasn't interested in any of that, but did enjoy the frozen lemonade and watermelon drinks we bought from the Del's stand on the beach :)

^^^ jumping in the hole filled with sandy water!  We were constantly worried someone would get hit in the eye, but in the end Aidan only splashed himself in the eye.  

^^^ looking back through these pictures I thought this looked like Chris breaking up a fight between brothers.  Instead, it's Chris holding them back so Noah can take a turn jumping in the water filled hole!

We were back at the beach the next morning by 9 am!  We knew we wanted to get there early to ensure we got parking and a good spot on the beach.  My mom picked up donuts for everyone and we were able to spend another beautiful morning by the water!  We kept commenting on how great the weather was!  One reason is that it has been a fairly hot and humid summer for us in New Jersey and instead it was sunny, but only in the high 70s and not humid at all.  It was perfect because we were able to sit and play in the sun (not under the umbrella) for many hours and not get too hot!  The second reason was because just a few days prior to our trip, the forecast was calling for rain!  On Wednesday, we were contemplating having to cancel our trip and possibly going a weekend later.  I'm so glad the forecast changed and we continued on with our original plan... we couldn't have had better weather in my opinion!

On Saturday, we spend the morning boogie boarding, swimming in the water (the older kids with my dad and brother), playing catch, collecting rocks (they don't really have seashells on the beach we went to), building more sandcastles, and burying the boys in the sand!  Besides a few minor arguments over who was playing with a certain sand truck, the kids got along so well!  In the past, we've had some issues with sand throwing or getting hit, but this time went really well... I guess the kids are growing up ;)

I had seen a bunch of cute ideas on Pinterest and wanted to recreate one.  Chris did his part by collecting the rocks and making the "2015".   But when it came time to gather everyone for a picture, the kids were having so much playing.  And since the point of a beach vacation is for them to actually have fun, we happily gave up.  We also had Noah melting down because he was collecting rocks at the time and wanted all of these for his collection ;)

In the midst of all the fun, we managed to get a family picture!  The guy we ended up asking had never used an iPhone (or at least looked that way), and the kids are barely looking, but I'm so glad to have this photo.  It may have only been two day, but we had such a fantastic time as a family (though we did miss my younger brother, Luke, and his husband, Tyler).  Tomorrow I plan to share all the yummy food we ate (seafood) and a fun festival we went to Saturday night!  

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  1. How fun!!! It's always a good time when you can get al the cousins together and it looks like they all play really well together! We haven't taken Mason to the beach yet (which is terrible since we live so close) but I hope he loves it as much as Noah!

  2. What a special trip- so fun that you are able to do it several years in a row. Isn't it fun to watch the kids grow more and more comfortable at the beach?

    And thank you for the congrats on #4- we are so excited!

  3. Looks like the kids had a great time at the beach! I love the family photo you got too, such a great memory to have :)

  4. I've always wanted to visit RI! Where do you guys stay there? So you rent a house?

  5. look at you getting some fabulous beach pictures! ;) Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my cousins so these posts always warm my heart for Noah! Super cute swimsuit btw!


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