The Adventure Starts Here: Rhode Island - Freels, Food, and a Festival!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Rhode Island - Freels, Food, and a Festival!

I don't know about you guys, but when we go on vacation with my family, food is something we talk about and try to plan out before we even go!  Not because we necessarily eat at the fanciest restaurants (not at all actually), but because it is not fun when you are dealing with 4 "hangry" little kids.  We try to pick places that have a few kid options and are casual so we won't feel bad when they want to get up and walk around.  

Besides going to the beach, eating at Iggy's has also become a tradition when we go to Narragansett Beach.  It's a super casual, side of the road seafood restaurant, where you order at the window and eat outside at a picnic bench.  While it may not sound that special, the lines will tell you how great the food is!  They are clearly very popular, because they are currently building a larger location just down the road... we hope it will be open next summer :)

We went to Iggy's on Friday night straight from the beach.  I'm amazed at how well the kids were, because we left the beach a little later than we intended to and didn't get our food until after 7pm.  While Kaitlyn now loves seafood like the adults, the boys were able to have burgers and chicken fingers.  I'm not a huge seafood person, but their fried fish & clam chowder were delicious.  I also got a root beer float :)  Chris was super excited to get his lobster roll!

^^^ look at that line behind us!

On Saturday, the kids were having such a good time at the beach and the weather was just too perfect.  So instead of leaving the beach early, we decided to just buy lunch from the snack bar (located in the pavilion where the bathrooms and showers were).  I really love going to a beach that has these kind of amenities!  We delegated Chris, my dad, and Trisha the task of going up to the snack bar, sending us a picture of the menu, and then bringing back everyone's lunch orders.  We kept it simple and got some more chicken fingers and a bunch of wraps.  Chris surprised me with another (and huge) root beer float!  He said that when he saw some other people order them, he knew I'd love one, and he was right!  And like I mentioned yesterday, Noah is not a fan of eating on the beach.  Not sure if he doesn't like getting sand in his food or if it's simply because he doesn't want to take a break from playing, but his food sat there untouched.  Thankfully, he couldn't care less if his food is cold, and ate it on the ride home before falling asleep :)

The kids napped in the afternoon, and then we met up at the Charlestown 31st Annual Seafood Festival.  My parents went with my brother and his family to the festival last year.  Last year it was held later in August and had rained the entire day.  So when the rain stopped and they went that evening, the festival wasn't that crowded.  Not at all like this year!  We had to park far away, wait in a fairly long line to get in, and we had to do some major stalking to find a table.  We actually had to grab half a table at first and then wait for the other people to leave before we got to save the entire thing!  The boys had pizza and smoothies, while Kaitlyn joined the adults and ate an entire basket of shrimp cocktail (8 pieces in total!).  Chris got another lobster roll (just like my dad and brother), while my mom and I opted against seafood and got some delicious pulled pork sandwiches.  

The kids had enough of sitting, so we gave up our table, and headed to the rides!  I wouldn't call it peer pressure (since no one was trying to talk him into anything), but I guess you say he was following the pack when it came to rides.  He went on rides that we never expected him to even want to try!  But since the older kids were going on the, he was game... and he ended up doing great!  These rides weren't actually scary, but they went up and down and in loops, instead of his normal "go around in a circle" type ride... like a train or a carousel.  

We also let the kids play a fishing game to win a small prize.  The prizes were horrible!  I know carnival prizes aren't usually the best quality, but the options were a small stuffed turtle (which is what I would have chosen for Noah) or a plastic sword!  I was against the sword in general, but to top it all off it was so cheaply made that Noah broke it within seconds!  And then the kids started having sword fights with each other and we decided it was time to take them away.  They should have just picked the darn turtles!

And no festival would be complete without some sugar filled desserts.  Kaitlyn and Matthew chose cotton candy, and we learned Noah is also a fan in addition to his cup of ice cream ;)  I got my usual funnel cake and even tried a fried oreo.  I don't know why, but I expected the oreo to sill be crispy, instead of mushy, so I wasn't a huge fan.  

^^^ group hug!

So as you can tell, while it was all delicious, we ate way too much food!!!  I guess the diet officially has to start now!

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  1. I am dying over that picture of Noah with only a diaper on and his food on his lap!

  2. I love that this post is all about food! Or mostly :) I feel like when you're dealing with toddlers, you always have to have a plan for food since either not all places are kid friendly or might have too long of a line to wait. Your food choices sound super good!

  3. You are always going on some kind of adventure! Your blog name fits you to a T! I've never been to the east coast but would love love love to go!

  4. Soooooo wish we had something like that close by. We probably do but the crowds would be outrageous. It looks like yall had such a blast with so many fun memories made!


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