The Adventure Starts Here: Penn State!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Penn State!

While we were visiting our friends in Williamsport, we all drove an hour to spend the day at Penn State in State College.  We figured since we've taken Noah to my alma mater, University of Delaware, it was time to take him to Chris' as well!  Chris and his friend, Joe, both went to Penn State and actually met each other 20 years ago this weekend, when they lived on the same Freshman dorm floor!  It just so happened that we went to visit on move-in weekend!  We were getting a little nervous that it would be super crowded because of it, but since move in day was Friday for Freshmen and Saturday for upper classmen, it wasn't so bad by the time we were there on Sunday.  

We stopped by the "Clothesline" for some Penn State merchandise and I feel like we bought the entire store!  Noah had outgrown all his Penn State clothes, so we had to get him a few new things.  Chris wanted a few new shirts and we also had a few requests to pick up some things for friends and Chris' dad.  

^^^ how cute are these boys in their matching Nittany Lion helmet hats!?

We then headed across the street to have lunch at Primanti Brothers.  The majority of their locations are in Pittsburgh, but they recently opened one on campus.  Their signature is putting coleslaw and french fries in their sandwiches!  I opted to have the coleslaw on the side (since I don't like coleslaw), but it was still super yummy! 

^^^ We should have had our waiter take the photo from the other side of the table!

^^^ we had a little too much fun making it look like JJ was drinking my root beer float ;)

From there, we walked around campus.  The guys told us a few stories (the PG ones) about their time at college.  We even stopped at their Freshman dorm and the apartment they lived in together Senior year.   These comparison photos are unreal...  

^^^ Chris outside his Freshman Dorm in 1995 | Chris & Noah, Joe & JJ outside same dorm in 2015

^^^ Chris & Joe outside their Senior year apartment in 1998!

We also stopped by the Nittany Lion statue (where Chris and I got engaged 6 years ago) for a bunch of photos.  We were lucky to have a very kind student offer to take a photo of our entire group and it actually turned out amazing! 

^^^ don't worry, JJ's mom was standing right behind him making sure he didn't fall ;)

^^^ the boys!

^^^ Noah's "roaring" like a lion :)

We ended the trip down memory lane by stopping at the famous Berkey Creamery.  The last few times I've been to State College with Chris was for a football game.  The lines are always crazy long those weekends so we always skip going.  But it wasn't bad at all on Sunday so we got some delicious ice cream... and Noah even got some blue and white sprinkles on his!

After ice cream, we let the boys play in the grass.  Noah would run back and forth, grabbing leaves from this tree and bringing them to JJ... it was so cute!

I'm so glad we were able to spend time with our friends this weekend!  I find it amazing that Chris and Joe have been friends for 20 years now and haven't gone a single year without seeing each other, even with the 3 hour drive.  When Chris was going up for football games, he would stay at Joe's house and see him 7 times each fall!  Chris was Joe's best man and Joe was in our wedding as well.  Definitely a special friendship :)

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  1. Aww, what a good idea! Reminds me that I need to take my daughter to visit my University! Love the throw back picture! It's so much fun to look back. It's so amazing how fast times passes!

  2. How fun!!! I love the comparison picture from then and then now with kids! So cool they're still friends and your families are friends now too. That sandwich sounds amazing with coleslaw and fries on it :)


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