The Adventure Starts Here: Little League World Series

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Little League World Series

This weekend, we went to Williamsport, PA to visit some friends.  We decided to go this past weekend so we could also go to the Little League World Series.  It's funny, because Williamsport is otherwise a small town without much going on.  So to have this annual event held there with teams from all over the world is pretty remarkable!  The tournament includes 8 US teams and 8 "international" teams.  The US teams play each other and the international teams play each other until there is only one of each in the final game.  We went early on in the tournament and got to see two games.  They give tickets to the family members of the teams, but otherwise, it's free and general admission.  Technically, you could come and watch games all day.  Seats fill up fast, so unless you get there super early, there's slim picking.  

We got there at 5pm for the 6pm Canada (British Columbia) vs. Asia-Pacific Game (China) game.  The game was held in the smaller stadium that has bleachers instead of real seats.  The weather was beautiful, but the sun was blinding us as it was setting... no wonder our seats were available ;)  Saturday was all elimination games, meaning the teams lost their first game and now were playing to see who was out of the tournament completely.  We were obviously rooting for Canada and even had Noah wear his Team Canada shirt!  Unfortunately, China beat Canada pretty badly... the final score was 16-4 and only 3 innings long!  In Little League, they have kind of a pity rule where if one team is beating the other by more than 10 points, they call the game after 3 innings.  

^^^ using Noah's hat as an attempt to block the sun and actually see the game!

We only watched the 1st inning (after China scored 9 runs) and then went to walk around the premises.  We decided to check out the main (and larger) stadium and saw that people were getting ready for the 8pm US game... New England (Rhode Island) vs Midwest (Missouri).  Most of the seats were taken, but when 2 opened up, we grabbed them.  Our friends (who have an almost 1 year old) decided to sit in the lawn seats since they knew their son would need to go home soon anyway.  Most of our time there was spent waiting for the game to start, but we still had fun!  We got some M&Ms and danced in our seats... Noah liked that more than the actual game!  We only lasted one inning at this game too since it was getting late and we had a 30 minute drive to our hotel.  We found out later that we were "luckier" this time and were actually rooting for the team that won... Rhode Island (where my older brother lives) won 6-3!

^^^pointing to the blimp and the moon :)

Even though we didn't really watch much actual baseball, we still had a really fun time.  We are already talking about making this an annual tradition with our friends.  We figure it will only become more fun for the boys as they get older :)


  1. How fun! Maybe Noah will become quite the little baseball player!

  2. How fun!!! I'd love to go to one of those games sometime. We watched them on TV last year!

  3. We have been watching on TV! Go Canada! That picture of Noah with the Pirates kiddo is perfection! Go Canada! Go Pirates!


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