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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LBI | It's The Little Things

We spent this past weekend down in Long Beach Island.  Chris' parents rent a condo down there for the week with a friend of theirs.  Two years ago we went down for the day.  Last year we had planned to go for the day again, but it rained so we stayed home.  This year, we decided to stay for the weekend.  Chris grew up going to LBI every summer with his family and has a lot of fond memories. He has his favorite restaurants, loved spending his days at the beach and his evenings at Fantasy Island and playing mini golf.  Since Noah loved going on the rides at Hershey Park, our town Expo, and Sesame Place, we wanted to take him to Fantasy Island this year.  

We left bright and early on Saturday morning (7 am) to avoid the shore traffic.  Rental houses switch over on Saturdays, so there's usually a lot of traffic.  LBI is often further south on the Parkway, so you run into traffic going to all the other shore towns.  Thankfully, we avoided all this traffic by leaving early.  There was still lots of cars on the road, but at least they were moving ;)  We got down there in an hour 45 minutes and met Chris' parents for breakfast at Jayson's Pancake House.  We had a delicious breakfast before heading to the beach.  We then spent a few hours at the beach until we were able to check in at 2pm.  The weather was pretty amazing... hot and sunny and just enough wind to not get too hot.  

Noah started off the day just wanting to play in the sand and wanted nothing to do with going by the water.  But as he got more comfortable at the beach, he ventured down to the water when Chris offered to carry him down.  Once down there, he liked playing in the shallow waves and collecting lots of shells!  

^^^ "Airplane"!!!

That afternoon, we grabbed a quick snack and Noah fell asleep on the way back to the condo.  The early morning and all the sun must have tired him out, because he fell asleep at 2:30 and didn't wake up until 5:30.  I ended up taking a nap with him and it felt great!  We all then got ready and headed out for dinner at Bistro 4.   Noah was a typical kid.  He was happy to sit at the table when we kept him entertained with coloring, his iPad, playing with a toy train, and occasionally taking bites of food, but otherwise he wanted to get down and walk around.  

After dinner, we walked across the street to Fantasy Island.  It's the perfect amusement park for little kids because they have quite a few tame rides.  Noah had a blast going on all his favorites... atrain, boats, trucks, a fire truck, and the carousel!  He even did some fishing and won a stuffed alligator and had some ice cream... it was a super fun evening!  

Thankfully, Noah went to bed fairly easy despite having a long nap and being in an unfamiliar room.  Chris' parents let us have the bedroom and we all slept in the king bed.  I'm used to co-sleeping with Noah, but Chris is not, so he didn't have the best night's sleep.  Sunday morning, we were up bright and early, had some donuts for breakfast, and then Chris and I headed straight to the beach with Noah.  We were all set up by 9 am and basically had the beach to ourselves for a while... it was really nice!  We had another amazing weather day, with less wind.  

We spent the morning at the beach, then headed back to the house for a quick lunch.  We decided to hold off giving Noah a nap.  Instead, we went to the pool after lunch and did some swimming and jumping!  We then just headed back to the house to take showers and pack our bags.  We decided to head back by 4 pm to once again avoid traffic.  It took us longer to get home, but still wasn't horrible especially since Noah slept the entire way!  

I really love the summer when we can do these fun weekends.  Going to the beach with a toddler is a totally different experience than going pre kids.  I remember worrying about having a good book and headphones for my iPhone!  Now I worry about bringing enough snacks, sand toys, and sunscreen!  I honestly think I might be bored now if I went to the beach on my own!  

And in case you'd like to watch a video of our weekend, I put this together...

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  1. What a fun weekend! And your photos are once again amazing for being taken in direct sun! I distinctly remember east coast beach traffic from when we lived in Delaware and it is seriously no joke!

  2. So fun!! I love family weekends away, it's so good for the soul! Looks like Noah had a lot of fun. Scarlett is still timid of the water at the beach and chooses to just kind of put her feet in, but she has fun playing in the sand.

  3. You guys live near so much fun stuff!! I can relate to your traffic comment. I lived in Hilton Head for a few summers, which is an island and only accessible by one bridge. We called Saturday "change over days" and never left the island on Saturdays!


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