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Friday, August 21, 2015


Yay for the weekend!  This weekend has been interesting.  Noah and I had a good week, but Chris was so busy and stressed and working late every night.  I'm so glad the weekend is here and we can spend some time together as a family!  We are heading out of town once again, this time visiting friends in Pennsylvania and even going to the Little League World Series!  Have a great weekend and enjoy my "Five on Friday"!


Noah is a huge fan of giraffes.  While my favorite animal has always been the elephant, the giraffe is really becoming a close second for me as well!  Noah loved making the giraffe craft and he loves wearing his new giraffe towel!  He used to call them "tall tall" but now he actually says (or at least tries to say) giraffe :)


We've been having some pretty bad luck when it comes to the pool lately.  Last week, Noah got injured twice while at the pool.  The first time, he fell and skinned his knee.  Then on Saturday, Noah and Chris were at the water fountain and Noah got his finger stuck in between where the button is and the fountain!  Chris said he had trouble even getting the finger out.  He scraped a little piece of skin off his middle finger as a result.  Thankfully I always have neosporin and a few bandaids on me!  

This week, we invited Grandma & Papa to go to the pool with us on Monday morning.  We got there right at 10 when it opened and went in the baby pool.  Maybe 10 minutes later, the lifeguard came over and told us he big pool would be closed for half an hour because they found a dead mouse in the filter and had to clean and pour chemicals in the pool.  We waited it out, even when the 30 minutes turned into an hour!  Then we were supposed to go to the pool with Nonna & Granddad on Wednesday afternoon, but we had to cancel because of a thunderstorm!  Hopefully we have better luck for the remainder of the summer!


Since we weren't able to go to the pool Wednesday afternoon and no longer had any plans, we decided to bake some cookies!  I had seen these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies on House of Smiths and thought they looked and sounded delicious!  Noah helped measure, pour, and mix and then left me to do the actual baking.  I ended up having to bake each batch for 15 minutes, and they came out so soft and moist... they were amazing!


On Tuesday, Noah and I drove to Princeton to meet up with some friends from high school.  We met up back in June and I'm so glad we could do it again!  Two of them live in South Jersey while the other two live near me.... Princeton was a nice halfway meeting point and has some cute restaurants and shops.  We walked around with the kids, had lunch while trying to entertain a bunch of little ones, and then grabbed some ice cream at The Bent Spoon (which is apparently kind of famous and really delicious!).  


Noah is going through a rocket ship/astronaut phase.  At Gymboree, they've been pretending to be astronauts and go up in a rocket ship to either the moon or Mars.  He loves wearing his rocket ship shirt and likes to count down to blast off!  He even asked to be an astronaut for Halloween (at least that's his current request)!  When we were in Princeton, we stopped by this super cute toy store.  They had this toy rocket ship that Noah wanted to get.  It seemed a little pricey (even on Amazon) for what it looked like.  Instead, I told him we would get another rocket ship instead.  I mentioned this to my mom on our way home from Princeton, and being the great grandma that she is, showed up at our house the next day with this toy rocket ship!  Noah LOVES it and has been playing with it nonstop!

rocket ship | shirt (old from Hanna Andersson, but this is their fall version.  They also have some cute rocket ship PJs)

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  1. You guys are so busy! How fun you get to go to the Little League World Series!!
    Also, those cookies look SO good. I hope I don't have all the ingredients on hand or I may have to try them during nap time today!

  2. Giraffes are totally my favorite zoo animal by far! ;) ewwwww to the mouse for sure! However those cookies look & sound so super delicious. Think we might try those out next week! We made some fudge quickies today and I forgot how decadent they are. Have a great weekend!

  3. Girl, if you ever want 100 giraffes (literally), let me know. My mom used to collect giraffes and she has an entire room full. Reed sleeps in that room when we're over there and I always feel like the giraffes are staring at me when we read him books.

  4. Okay, I looooove that he used to call them tall talls! How cute is that?! I pretty much love ALL african animals, because I have a love for Africa for some reason.


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