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Friday, August 14, 2015


Another week down... I really can't believe we are halfway through August already!  Where did the Summer go???  We had a pretty low key week, resting after multiple busy weekends away and letting Noah get over his runny nose.  We are happy to have a weekend at home where we can do some fun things just the three of us and cross a few things off our to-do list.  Here's a super random "Five on Friday"!  Have a fantastic weekend!


This may sound silly to the majority of my readers, but since we live in New Jersey, it's rare for us to have to pump our own gas.  New Jersey and Oregon are the only two states where you can't pump your own gas.  As a result, Noah is used to staying in the car and having someone pump it for us.  We often let him hand the attendant our credit card, but this past weekend he got to help with the whole process!  Chris had him pump the gas and even wash the windows.  He was in heaven!


I mentioned on Tuesday, that the kids collected some rocks when at the beach.  Noah loved collecting shells when we were in LBI, so we immediately ordered these cool mesh seashell bags when we got home... thank goodness for Amazon prime for speedy delivery!  After collecting a TON of rocks, we washed them all when we got home.  I then put them in some mason jars and the shells in a separate jar and they are currently on our mantel.  If you have any suggestions on how else I can display them, I'd love to hear!


Two things that I love in this next picture... Panera smoothies and my keychain bracelet.  I got the idea from a mommy friend of mine almost 2 years ago.  I decided I had to do this since I was constantly forgetting my keys.  We lived in an apartment where the door locked automatically.  I once locked myself out when I left with Noah and only realized I forgot my keys when I got to my car.  Thank goodness the leasing office was open and they could let me back in the apartment.  But I became paranoid since then found that wearing my keys around my wrist made me more aware of having my keys with me!  Even though we are have normal locking doors now, I still love this method.  Sometimes when I'm running into a store or to pickup food, I just take a credit card and my keys and it's one less thing to physically hold.

Since Chris has been having many late nights at work, I've also been getting takeout more than I care to admit.  There's a shopping center about 5 minutes from our house that has both a Panera and a Chipotle... we go to each of them a lot!  When I go to Panera, I get a strawberry smoothie for Noah and me to share.  I've attempted to make them at home but just can't get it to taste the same.  Not sure if I'm not getting the ratios of strawberries to yogurt correct or if the large straw makes the difference ;)


Noah is a huge fan of Paw Patrol.  We watch the show more than we should, and just purchased a few items from Zulily.  My mom started picking up these trucks and bringing one over for Noah whenever she'd come to watch Noah.  So far we have five (Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rubble (similar), and Zuma) and have ordered Ryder and my mom just picked up Rocky & Everest for him!  At Target this week, my mom got Noah the "look-out" and Noah is obsessed with it!  It only comes with Chase, so I'm glad we have a bunch of the other dogs/trucks to go along with it.  Noah loves playing with it and coming up with different scenarios so the Paw Patrol can save the day!


Finally, I totally understand if you are over all the beach pictures and posts.   But just in case you aren't, here's a video I made of our weekend in Rhode Island with the cousins... enjoy!

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  1. So funny that pumping the gas was made into a fun experience. Darn, I wish California would take after New Jersey and Oregon ;) Those mesh seashell bags are perfect. Love that you brought home rocks and used them for decoration.
    Happy Friday!

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun collecting rocks!!! I did not know you were not able to pump gas is there a reason behind it? Have a great weekend

  3. We have the same lookout tower. Connor found one similar in real life and nearly died of excitement.

  4. That Panera smoothie looks so good! Happy Friday!

  5. Those mesh bags for the rocks and shells are genius! You could buy the little plain wooden boxes and frames from a craft store and then glue the shells on. Put a picture of your vacation in the frame.

  6. I didn't know New Jersey was like Oregon and didn't let you pump gas! How weird. I thought it was only an Oregon thing!
    Love that keychain bracelet idea! I'm usually pretty good about remembering the keys, but you never know, and this would be so helpful!

  7. I can't stand not being able to pump my own gas; drives me crazy whenever I'm in those two states. And I love what you did with those rocks you collected!

  8. Lily is starting to love Paw Patrol too! A little jealous yall live so close to the shops and eating. That would be nice for us when the Mr is out of town!
    Do you know what the reasoning is for not being able to pump your own gas?


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