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Friday, August 7, 2015


Happy Friday!  Chris took the day off and we are enjoying a 3 day weekend in Rhode Island.  We are (with my parents as well) visiting my older brother and his family (Noah's cousins) and going to the beach in Narragansett as well as a Seafood Festival.  The weather was iffy for a while, but the forecast has since improved, so I hope we get another beautiful weekend at the beach!  Have a wonderful weekend!


Yesterday, my mom and I took Noah to the pool in the morning.  We were having so much fun swimming and jumping, until he tripped on my flip flop and scraped his knee :(  At first, it didn't even look that bad, but then it started to bleed.  Thankfully, we had bottled water to clean it out and I had neosporin and some bandaids in my bag.  After the ordeal, he just wanted to sit on my lap at the pool and said "no" every time I asked him if we should go home.  He then fell asleep while sitting (straight up) on my lap.  So we brought him home and transferred him to the couch (still in his wet suit).  Poor kid!  


I've been seriously procrastinating cleaning the bathrooms (and the rest of the house too) lately.  Finally, I kept a day totally free this week and got to work.  Noah would go back and forth between wanting to help and wanting to play or watch a show.  He loves spraying stuff, so he helped me dust and clean the mirrors ;)


Noah watched his first movie last week.  I bought the Madagascar set of DVDs (the 3 movies) on Amazon last month.  Last week, Noah had fallen asleep in the car in the morning and I figured he wouldn't nap again.  So I pulled out the DVD and we had a nice quiet afternoon.  Since, we've watched the second movie as well and plan to watch the third soon.  Noah loves the animals and I find the movie pretty amusing :)


Earlier this week, we met a friend of ours to walk around the mall and have lunch.  I picked up some makeup at Sephora and then we took the boys to the Lego Store.  While the boys played, my friend and I checked out the Duplo section, compared prices to Amazon, and then gave the boys a few options for a new set they could pick out.  Noah and his friend both picked this Jake and the Neverland Pirates set to take home.  


"Pizza and Ice Cream" is Noah's favorite lunch or dinner out and requests it often!  Fortunately (or unfortunately), there is both at the shopping center that's under 5 minutes from our house, so we got a lot.  Chris worked late every night last week (and this week as well), except for Friday.  So when he got home on time (still not til 6:45), we decided to take advantage of the "early" night and go out for dinner.  Noah was more obsessed with putting the cheese on the pizza than eating it, but still ended up eating half a slice.  We then went across the parking lot and ate our frozen yogurt outside.  Noah was excited to see 2 dogs and was happy as a clam to go back and forth filling up his little water cup... doesn't take much to entertain a 2 year old!

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  1. I'm always at the store comparing amazon prices to the store prices too! lol. I don't want to over pay if I can get it on amazon! We have a bunch of those Jake duplos and Mason loves them! We just got a few Planes ones and Cars ones too so we have quite the collection going... if only they were still with their matching boxes and I knew how to re-make the sets haha!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Such cute pictures of your little!!! I could be totally mistaken… but do I spot a cloth diaper?//?

  3. The pictures of Noah helping you clean are adorable! What a great helper!

  4. Pizza and ice cream is an amazing combo!! Great choices Noah! :)


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