The Adventure Starts Here: Five Years on Friday!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Five Years on Friday!

Happy Friday!  Today is extra special for me... Chris and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!  In honor of this special day, I thought I'd share some past anniversary photos.  I feel like  each year has had a "theme"... travel, pregnancy, new baby, new house, etc :)  It will be exciting to see what the next five years has in store for us!     

2010 - Our wedding day!  

Our wedding day was amazing!  Everything went well, we had amazing weather, and I got to marry Chris :)  We spent our first year married getting used to living together and just having fun.  We even took a few vacations.

2011 - 1st anniversary at Capitol Grille

Shortly after celebrating our first anniversary, we decided we'd like to add a baby to our family.  Our second year of marriage was spent trying for and then being pregnant with Noah.  As a result, after our anniversary trip to California, our year was completely baby focused!  

2012 - 2nd anniversary at David Todd's

While our second year of marriage was all about trying for a baby, our third was all about adjusting to our new family of three :)  Life as we knew it was all about Noah and we liked it that way.  

2013 - 3rd anniversary at Book of Mormon

In our 4th year of marriage, I feel like we finally fell into a groove as parents.  We started planning more dates just the two of us.  We also started looking to buy a new house and move out of our 2 bedroom apartment.  We moved in a month before our 4th anniversary.  

2014 - 4th anniversary in front of our new house before dinner

This year has been spent enjoying (and decorating) our new home.  We are also just really loving life.    Noah is at such a fun age and we get to do a lot of fun activities as a family.  Sure, I would love to say that Chris and I fit in tons of date nights.  But right now that's just not the stage of life we are in, and that's okay.  Regardless of how many (or few) dates we go on, I'm beyond happy to be able to call this man my husband and Noah's dad!   We will be celebrating tonight, just the two of us, by going out to a nice Italian dinner and stopping by our wedding venue :)

Happy Anniversary Chris!


  1. I love the play on words in the title! Happy Anniversary!
    I clicked on your CA trip and I'd have to say you hit some of my favorite places! San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Monterey. Though I don't like LA for the traffic :) I know I've been to David Paul's but I can't remember where... I wanna say Hawaii on our honeymoon? Do they have one there?

  2. Awww happy anniversary!!! Love the photos!

  3. Happy anni! We are one day and one year apart - husby and I celebrate six years tomorrow :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great anniversary!

  5. These kinds of posts are my favorite. Love following along. xo

  6. Aww!! Happy anniversary!! The wedding picture is beautiful! What a fun five years you've had. Hope there are exciting adventures ahead for you (and relaxing days too :) )

  7. We will be celebrating 5 years next June. I have big plans for our day, plans James knows nothing about.
    I love seeing the two of you change over the years. If anything, you two look happier and happier with each passing year. I wonder if Noah has something to do with that!


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