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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bird Crafts

Last Friday, Noah and I went to the zoo with some friends.  It's not a big zoo by any means, so it doesn't have african lions, elephants, or giraffes (yet).  We still manage to have lots of fun by going on the train, carousel, and feeding the goats and birds!  This was our second time feeding the birds.  Noah held the stick to feed the birds on the ground as long as I stayed super close by.  He was not willing to hold the stick in the air and let the bird climb right on top, but he sure was excited to watch me do it!  And while I didn't get any pictures of them, we also saw 2 peacocks just walking around.  I figured since we just saw them in person, it would be fun to make a few bird related crafts!

The first craft we did was painting a bird house with daddy over the weekend.  Noah had fun painting a treasure chest at a birthday party, so I picked up this wooden bird house at Michaels thinking Noah would enjoy painting it as well.  I took out a bunch of paints and brushes and let him pick what color to paint the house.  He really enjoyed picking a new color for each side :)

The next craft we did was a paper plate peacock.  I found the idea here, and hers turned out WAY better!  If you want full instructions, I suggest visiting her blog ;)  Regardless, Noah loved painting the peacock, so it was a win in my book.  

^^^ realizing I was sitting on the wrong side for a lefty and righty to paint in harmony ;)

Finally, we made this little bird nest craft.  It was super simple.  I just cut a nest out of brown construction paper.  Then using a small dixie cup I cut out 4 small circles (in 2 different colors for our 2 birds).  I also folded a small piece of orange paper and then cut two "v's" to make the beaks.  Then I just cut a bunch of pieces of brown yarn (for the twigs) and picked out a few small feathers.  Then it was all about using some glue to assemble the birds.  Noah and I worked together on this craft.  He would glue some parts while I would apply the glue for the smaller parts like the eyes and beaks.  

Once again, we had a lot of fun doing some super simple crafts.  These really are crafts all of you could do at home... trust me when I say that we don't attempt to do anything difficult! 

As usual, I'm linking up with Jess for "It's the Little Things" link up!  


  1. Loving these little birdie crafts!!! We've painted a birdhouse and of course made a feeder before but I've been looking for some type of nest craft since finding a birds' nest in our tree out back! This is so cute! Lily would enjoy this! Pinning for later for sure! It's like we are crafting together or something ;)

  2. Love your bird crafts!! Those sticks with the bird seed on them are genius! Look how many birds you attracted!

  3. Oh my goodness!! These is just too much! Connor is okay crafting but nothing of this level. Way to go Noah! And I never realized he was left handed. Has that been tricky seeing as you are right handed?

  4. I love your lefty/righty painting problem haha!

  5. So cute! What a serious little painter!


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