The Adventure Starts Here: A Noah Update... 2.75!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Noah Update... 2.75!

I am finding it hard to believe that this will be my last Noah update as a 2 year old!  It seems really strange that I will have a 3 year old before I know it.  He will be starting school and learning things without me being with him at all times.  While I wish I could keep him my little boy forever, I love watching Noah grow and learn new things every day.  I really love looking back at these updates and seeing how much he's changed (or not) in just a few months!

Height: 39 inches
Weight: 36 lbs
Size: 2T (and a few 3T) bottoms, 3T (and some 4T) tops, 9 in shoes

Has peed and pooped on the potty, but not even close to on a regular basis.  It's usually at bath time.
With help of an iPad app he can "write" a few letters on his own
Can jump off the side of the pool and play gym at Gymboree
He is very good at puzzles.  He loves doing real jigsaw puzzles.
Seems to be left-handed when coloring and painting and eating.  But he switches it up when he throws a ball.
Loves doing crafts and is getting better at using scissors.
Can use the Ikea allen wrench all on his own.
He can't put his shoes on yet, but he can take them off.  

Can count to 13 really well!
Is forming longer sentences every day.  The amount of new words he repeats and retains amazes me.

Books - "Steam Train, Dream Train", "Digger Dozer Dumper", "The Pigeon Needs a Bath"
TV Shows - Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Family Fun Pack and Axel Trucks on YouTube 
Toys - puzzles, trains, legos, his play kitchen and food, playing grocery store, play doh, doing crafts
Foods - smoothies, apple zucchini muffins, peppers, strawberries, hard boiled eggs, "dinosaur" chicken nuggets, apple sauce pouches, string cheese, quesadillas, apple juice, fruit snacks, apples, bananas, gogurts, goldfish crackers, cheese & crackers

Gymboree, jumping, playing grocery store and restaurant with his stuffed animals, watching his iPad, playing in his sand and water tables, chasing daddy, playing hide and go-seek, bandaids, swimming, playing at the beach

bedtime/having to stop playing, most meat, sauces on food (like ketchup), getting boo-boos, sitting in the shopping cart

For a while Noah had been going to bed without me having to rock him.  I would lie next to him in bed and he would play with my hair and go to bed no problem.  But then all of a sudden he started getting upset and saying he wanted to go down and play.  We had to back to rocking for a while and singing songs.  Thankfully, we just got back to going to bed easily just laying in bed together.  I still sing him a few songs, but otherwise he drifts off to sleep hugging me and playing with my hair.

He still doesn't like my hair up and tells me to take it down.

Until next time when Noah turns 3!

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  1. Happy 2.75 sweet boy! It's amazing how much he and Mason are alike. Mason just had his 3 year old check up and weighs 33.2 lbs, is 39 inches tall, wears 3T clothes, and wears size 9 shoes too!


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