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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Day In The Life

I'm back today with another "A Day In The Life" posts.  I decided I wanted to do these quarterly to really see how our lives change throughout the year.  Here are my posts from May 2015February 2015November 2014August 2014May 2014January 2014, and April 2013.  

Today is Tuesday, August 11th.  Chris is 37, I am 31, and Noah is 2 3/4 years old.  

6:45... Noah wakes up.  We co-sleep, so I wake up when Noah wakes up.  He asks for his iPad and apple juice.  We have a cooler in Noah's room that we put an apple juice in each night so that I don't have to go downstairs first thing in the morning.   Noah goes and grabs his juice while I get the iPad.  This gives me some time to wake up slowly and read some blogs on my phone.  

7:35... I hear the rain start... ugh!

7:38... Noah asks to go down.  I decide it's time to wash Noah's sheets.  Not because there was an accident or spill, but because they are looking a little sloppy.  The bed is up against the wall, so when I make it, I shove the blanket and sheets into the space between the bed and the wall.  After a little while, they get untucked and hard to put back in without moving the mattress out.  By the time this happens, I figure it's easier to just change the sheets completely... it usually happens after a week anyway ;)  Noah helps by throwing the "dirty" sheets over the banister while I start to make the bed with clean sheets.  This morning, he seems to be getting in my way overtime I move.  He is getting frustrated that he can't help more and wants to do the pillowcases before I'm done putting the sheets on.  A few tears but he is quickly distracted when I tell him it's time to help with the pillows.  

8:05... Noah then grabs a book and asks me to read it to him.  It's a book he got a while ago but we hadn't read yet.  We take a breaks to wipe his runny nose and for a few random hugs.  He then asks for another, but we only get through half of the second book before he's done and ready to go.  I tell him we need to take a shower and get ready before heading downstairs.  Noah goes back and forth between preferring showers with me or baths with daddy at night.  But since Chris has been working late a lot recently, showers have become the norm.  

8:25... After our shower, Noah picks out his shirt for the day... today he chose "Jake and the Never Land Pirates".  While I get ready, Noah watches another show on his iPad.  Today I just put some make up on and decide to let my hair air dry since it's raining out anyway.  Noah seems happy, so I decide to take advantage and fold the clean laundry from our trip this past weekend.  

9 am... It's finally time to go downstairs and get some breakfast.  Today we decide to make a smoothie.  Usually I put either carrots or spinach/kale in addition to the fruit.  But today Noah says "no green" and I don't have any carrots.... so just fruit today.  We had a few more tears when Noah wanted to sit on the counter to put the fruit in the blender before I had even peeled the orange or cut the apple.  Then he got upset when I wouldn't let HIM cut the apple.  Not sure why that was a trigger today, since it's not like I've let him do that before!  I tried to talk to him calmly and explain things and then I admit I did lose my cool a bit.  We finally hugged it out and we drank our fruit smoothies while watching an episode of Paw Patrol.  

9:20... I don't mind him watching a fair amount of TV, because he often will get down and play while a show is on.  He started assembling his Jake Duplo set and then took out his Paw Patrol activity book for some coloring and sticker time.  

9:40 am... It was still raining pretty heavily outside, so I decided to show Noah by opening the front door.  He immediately wanted to get his rain boots on and check it out.  At first we just went out in his rain boots and jacket, but shortly after we were outside, he requested his umbrella.  He jumped in a few puddles on our driveway and had fun opening and closing the umbrella.  I was over the rain and asked him if we could go inside ;)  We dried off and Noah played some more.  He's very good at playing independently.  

10:40... The rain finally stopped, so we got in the car to run some errands with my mom.  Noah fell asleep on the ride over to Target, so I let him sleep in the car while we waited for my mom to arrive.  

11:15... We then grabbed a few things at Target as well as picked up a gift for a friend's birthday.  And since we went with my mom, Noah of course got to pick out a toy for himself too ;)  We then quickly ran into Costco to get a few basics... frozen strawberries, gum for Chris, and chocolate covered almonds (you know, just the necessities ;))  Since it was almost 1 when we finished, we decided to stop at McDonalds for lunch before heading home.  

1:30... When we were leaving lunch, Noah asked if we could go back to Grandma's house and see Papa.  I kind of assumed he would fall asleep on the ride home, so I told him we could if he was awake.  I guess I forgot that he had a little catnap, because this kid was not tired!  So off we went to Grandma & Papa's house.  He immediately asked to "wash the animals", so he and Papa gave all the animal figures a bath in the kitchen sink.  We had taken off his clothes since we knew he'd get wet, and Noah then refused to put clothes back on when he was finished!

2:30... Noah spent the rest of the afternoon playing and making a huge mess of my parents' living room play room.  They played with blocks, legos, colored, and did play-doh.  

4:45... It was getting late and Noah was hungry, but did not want to go home!  Instead, my mom gave him a snack and Noah asked to watch Elmo's Christmas Countdown (in August!!!).  After the movie, I finally insisted we go home so that I could put dinner on in time for when Chris would get home.  

6 pm... If Noah is at all tired, driving in the car will put him to sleep.  We only live 10 minutes from my parents, and Noah fell asleep in the last 3 minutes :(.  I unloaded the car while Noah slept and then hoped that he would wake up when I brought him in.  He was fast asleep, so I instead just put him on the couch while I started dinner and then went on the computer while watching a show.  

6:30-9pm... The rest of the night was far from ideal and I didn't take any pictures.  Maybe 10 minutes before I was supposed to put the chicken in the oven, Noah woke up very upset and only wanted to be held.  I held him and he fell back to sleep but I was not having luck putting him down.  Thankfully, I have a very understanding husband who put the chicken in the oven when he got home from work and prepared me a plate to eat with Noah on top of me.  Noah ended up waking up as I was eating and had some chicken too. I wondered if he'd want to go right back to sleep after eating, but he wanted to play instead.  He showed Chris his new Paw Patrol toy and they played with that, while I watched the Pretty Little Liars finale!!!  I usually watch it the day after, but I didn't want to see spoilers on who A was on social media, so I watched it on a 20 minute delay so I could still fast forward through the commercials.  When the show was over, I took Noah up to bed to wind down and he fell asleep very easily considering he had only been awake for a short period of time!  

This was a pretty unusual day for us in terms of sleep.  I guess that's life with an almost 3 year old who will be transitioning out of naps soon.  

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  1. You said you co-sleep... have you always? Connor is going through this stage where he goes down at night in his bed but then sometime throughout the night walks across the hall and climbs into bed with us. It's not ideal but I'm just glad we don't lose sleep anymore with this nightly wake-up calls.
    If Connor slept that late in the day he would have been up until like midnight. Boy can hang. Me? Not so much!

  2. Transitioning out of naps...pretty sure that's where we are but I don't want to admit it just yet ;)


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