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Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend was the one weekend this month that I wanted to keep "plan free".  By no means did that not mean that we weren't busy the entire weekend, it just meant we had no outside plans or obligations.  We spent the weekend checking a few things off our to-do list as well as doing some fun things as a family.  Here are a few highlights from our weekend.  

Earlier this week, I picked up two Kallax units at Ikea and this Friday we put them together.  One was for Noah's room and the other from the basement.  Noah put on his construction worker outfit and actually helped us put it together.  He put the wooden dowels in, hammered them in (with his toy hammers), and even screwed the screws in using the typical "Ikea tool".  

On Saturday morning, we played a bunch around the house before heading out for a haircut and a quick trip to the grocery store.  It had been a while since Chris had seen Noah push the little kid cart around the store.  It reminded me why I prefer to go during the week when the store is empty.  I kept worrying that Noah was gonna run his cart into someone!

That evening, Chris and I went out just the two of us.  We went to an early showing (4:30) of Trainwreck.  We had planned to go see Entourage last month, but after reading so-so reviews, we decided to hold off and wait for this movie to come out.  We were super excited to go after the reviews came out too :)  I love being able to buy tickets online and pick our seats ahead of time.  I love getting seats in the way back, but HATE having to get to a movie super early.  I am also a huge fan of our theater.  It was renovated almost 2 years ago and now the seats are super wide and fully recline.  It's the perfect way to watch a movie.  We don't get to go to movies as much as we used to, so I'm glad this one was HILARIOUS!  Before heading home, we had dinner outside at a relatively new restaurant in our old town.  We were a little nervous since they don't take reservations, but we lucked out and got the last table outside before they started telling people it was a 45 minute wait!  We were home in time for Noah's bedtime... just how we like to do date nights these days ;)

On Sunday, we did some more playing at home, before heading to Open Gym at Gymboree.  I guess most people go down the shore on the weekends, because it was EMPTY!  Noah loves Open Gym because unlike during class, he gets to bring daddy AND play with balls.  This week I shared a video on Instagram of Noah jumping into the pool on his own.  I guess he's finally realized how fun jumping is, because he carried it over into the gym.  During Monday's class, he wouldn't jump off the play structure onto the mat like the other kids, but on Sunday, that's all he wanted to do!

^^^ pretending we were on a lazy river

Saturday was record breaking hot!  Just playing on the deck in the shade was too hot for me.  We didn't last very long out there!  We had originally planned to go to the pool after Noah's nap, but instead decided to wait until after dinner when it felt like 90 degrees instead of 100!  But then after our taco dinner, Noah had no desire in going, so just hung out at home.  We were bummed, but you can't really make a kid go swimming ;)

tray and bowls

How was your weekend?


  1. Ohhhh we want to see Trainwreck too! It looks so good! I'm glad to hear yall thought it was worth time! Noah in his construction outfit is just too adorable!!

  2. I really want to get Connor a Gymboree membership but the price gets me. I need to not be so dang cheap. You three always have the best weekends. I'm horrible at documenting ours. Maybe I will one of these days and do a recap.

  3. I've heard that Trainwreck is hilarious so now I am dying to see it! Glad you had a nice, relaxing weekend! Sometimes the ones with no plans turn out to be the best!

  4. That food looks amazing!! Do you recommend the restaurant?? Looks like you guys had an awesome family weekend!

  5. Oh my gosh I love that he dressed up in his construction accessories to put together the Ikea piece! So cute!


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