The Adventure Starts Here: Thomas the Train

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thomas the Train

Yesterday, I mentioned that Noah's cousins were visiting a long weekend.  In addition to going to Hershey Park, we went to Day Out with Thomas.  Chris and I had taken Noah to this same event when we were in Baltimore, but we weren't able to ride the actual train there because it was already sold out.  This time we got our tickets ahead of time and the ten of us got to ride the train.  While the train was fun, the actual event in Baltimore was much more organized and had a lot more extra activities for the kids to do.  

From this weekend, I've learned that it doesn't take much for kids to have fun, and they don't get annoyed at the little things like we adults do.  Parking wasn't the easiest to find and we then had to take a shuttle to the actual event.  But the kids love it because we got to ride a little trolley.  

We got the boys matching train hats and bandanas to wear to the event.  Noah wears his ALL THE TIME at home, but of course he was totally against wearing it when we go to a train event!  Kaitlyn got to wear his instead :)

We found the set up and activities to be a little hokey, but the kids enjoyed doing the drip art, getting tattoos, and playing with the train sets.  

We were able to get pictures with Sir Topham Hatt and Thomas before getting on the train.  Noah wouldn't pose with Sir Topham Hatt this time, but at least we did it when in Baltimore.  

Other than having Thomas pull the train, there was nothing really special about the actual train.  The trains were hot (no AC, just open windows and a few fans) and rather bumpy.  But once again, the kids didn't mind and were happy to have some popcorn and fruit snacks to munch on.  

I think their favorite part of the whole event was the obstacle course type bounce house.  Noah's cousins are all pros at these things, but it took him a while to get the hang of it.  Thank goodness for Kaitlyn (the best cousin ever) for teaching him how to climb over the "hills" and helped him get through it countless times.  Noah loved it and kept asking to go again and again! 

The kids had fun, and I'm glad we went, but I can't see us going again.  


  1. I love how kiddos remind us to just stop & chill out instead of being annoyed at the little things. I will admit though, it is quite the bummer when you go to an event with an image in your mind & it totally doesn't live up. Glad Noah had such a blast making memories! :)

  2. We are signed up to do Thomas in Nashville next month!! Loved seeing this sneak preview!

  3. I'm seriously dying over all the fun you had with the cousins last week! I've been wanting to take Mason to this as well and need to find one close to us. I think there might be one about an hour and a half away in November (or it was last year) so I need to check and reserve tickets!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! Mac would be in toddler train heaven! So cool! And how fun to have so many cousins around the same age! Love this!

  5. You guys have such activity places in your area!!!

  6. We took Connor to she Thomas when we wasn't even 1 yet. I was just too excited and now, I think we should have waited a bit. We are still toying with the idea of taking him but I don't know if we will.


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