The Adventure Starts Here: Sesame Place

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sesame Place

I am officially in love with this age!  While I absolutely adored the newborn stage (and every stage after that), I think it's safe to say that I am a fan of Noah at 2 1/2!  He's now old enough to actually do stuff.  And since it's just him and he's really easy going, we are now able to plan some really fun activities.   Last Friday, we took him to Sesame Place for the first time.  I have many friends who took their kids when they were younger than Noah, but I am really glad we waited.  Noah knew who all the characters were and was tall enough to go on the majority of the rides.  

Sesame Place has a combination of water and regular dry rides.  Just like we did at Hershey Park, we wore our swim suits and did the water rides first.  By doing this, we are able to wait in shorter lines... they tend to get super busy around noon (at the hottest part of the day).  At Hershey, Noah wasn't able to go on any of the water slides because he was too short.  But at Sesame Place, their double tubes are specifically designed for little kids to go on them.  The front spot doesn't have the hole in it so the child won't fall through.  They also have a smaller and slower slide that is perfect for kids.  We each took Noah on that slide first.  Once we knew he was a fan, we took him on the bigger slide.  It was much faster and I was pleasantly surprised that Noah thought it was fun instead of scary... he went on it 3 times!  While he loved going on the water slides with us, we didn't even suggest going on the non tube slides since he'd have to go down those all by himself.  Noah won't even go down a tall playground slide by himself!

We then met up with one of Chris' friends and her two kids (as well as her sister-in-law and two kids).  We all had lunch and the kids got a cookie monster cupcake... messy but delicious!  After lunch, Noah said he didn't want to go on anymore water slides, so we got changed out of our swimsuits.  We then walked around the main street, which is set up just like the streets of Sesame Street.  We happened to stumble upon a show just as it was about to start.  We weren't sure how Noah was going to react to the characters (since he hasn't liked them at carnivals or baseball games).  I think seeing them far away on a stage was the perfect introduction.  He absolutely loved the show!

We were then lucky enough to do a meet and greet with the characters.  Before going in, Noah said he only wanted to see and take pictures with Elmo and Abby.  But once we got in there he was excited to see all of them... well except for Cookie Monster (not sure why) and the Count (who I'm told a lot of kids are hesitant about).   While he wouldn't go up to them on his own, he was very happy and excited for us to go over with him.  

^^^ Elmo was excited to see Noah wearing an Elmo shirt!

^^^ Noah even let Elmo give him a hug!

Immediately following the meet and greet, the parade began on the main street.  We didn't have front row "seats" for it (people line up a good 20 minutes before it starts) but it didn't matter at all.  Noah loved pointing out all the characters and was so excited to see them all sing and dance!  He was especially excited to see Big Bird since he wasn't at the meet and greet!

^^^ who knew that Noah and Cookie Monster share a birthday!?!

After the parade, we decided to go on a few rides before heading home.  As we expected, Noah stuck to the tame rides that don't go very high.  There's a flying fish ride that starts off down low and then you can push a button to make it go high up in the air.  Noah was very against pushing the button and was the only kid to stay down low the entire ride ;)  He loves to go on rides... as long as they aren't too scary!

We had a fantastic day at Sesame Place and we are thinking about getting a seasons pass for 2016.  They offer some really great perks to season ticket holders and it's only an hour away.  We ended up staying until almost 5 (without Noah taking a nap) and there were a bunch of rides and shows we didn't have time to do (a great excuse to go back again soon)!  Clearly Noah was exhausted after a fun day in the sun, because he fell asleep after being in the car for only 2 minutes!   


  1. How cool! I think I would even have fun there. Who knew Sesame Place was so awesome for adults too!

  2. Such a fun place!!! Lily would be most excited for Abby too! I bet yall made memories to last a lifetime this weekend! I say definitely go for the season passes! :)

  3. Oh wow, this is awesome! What a fun event! Mac would love this! We need to start doing more stuff like this now that he can enjoy it!

  4. How cool!!! That place sounds so fun!! I swear you mention it all the time, but i always forget to try to go to the water rides first. Genius! About a year ago, when Mason was still in daycare, she told us that he was terrified of Elmo and would cry when he would come on tv. I swear he's probably the only kid ever who is afraid of Elmo! LOL. So glad that you guys had such a good time though!


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