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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sensory Bins | It's The Little Things

While I was searching Pinterest for some new craft ideas, I kept finding ideas for sensory bins.  I've done them with Noah before, but it's been a while!  I figured it's been long enough, so I decided to skip our regular craft this week, and instead create two simple bins for him to play with.

First off... Noah loves playing in my parents' sink, washing and rinsing all his zoo animal figurines.  Since he loves that so much, I decided to come up with a version that involves another favorite toy and uses less water than a running faucet.  Noah loves playing with his diggers in his sand table, so I thought he might enjoy giving them a little "car digger wash".  I got two plastic bins, filled one with water and soap and the other with clean water.  I then got Noah a sponge and a bunch of his diggers.  We decided to only use his diggers that he uses in his sand table and at the beach and leave his indoor diggers alone.  He then proceeded to wash all his construction vehicles, rinse them off, and lay them out to dry.  The "clean water" got sudsy very quickly, so at the end, Chris helped really rinse them off with the hose.  

I got the idea for my second "bin" from Stephanie at Wife Mommy Me.  I filled a plastic bin with popcorn kernels, then hid the alphabet letter pieces from our Melissa and Doug puzzle, and had Noah dig for them using a plastic spoon.  Noah had a blast finding the letters.  I would repeat the letter and the word displayed on the puzzle and then he put the piece back in the puzzle.  There's only a few letters he's recognizing by name, but when I say the word that is on the puzzle, he is usually able to identify those.  Since Noah is good at counting now (up to 13), I figured it's time to focus on his letters.  Once he was done finding all the puzzle pieces and putting them in the puzzle, he then took them all out to hide them himself.  He did this a few times throughout the day.  I just put the lid back on the box in between session to prevent a huge mess of popcorn kernels on the floor!

Noah's cousins will be visiting for the next few days, so we thought it would be fun to do this dinosaur dig sensory bin with all of them.  My mom picked up the supplies and we think it will be the perfect activity for them to do while we are barbecuing out on the deck Saturday night.

Have you done sensory bins with your kids?  I'd love more ideas :)

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  1. I LOVE this!!! What a great idea! And seriously so creative to do the digger wash one. I'm thinking of getting Mason the Hape alphabet puzzle for his birthday and I think I might need to do this with him too!

  2. I have that same Melissa and Doug puzzle, Im going to have to try this activity! If youre interested in another alphabet sensory bin you could use sand with magnetic letters and a magnet wand. My preschoolers and daughter love that activity!

  3. Digger wash! So fun! This is such an easy fun and clean activity!

  4. We have that same puzzle and Reed's been asking for another "rice box". Guess I know what I'm doing next week. Thanks for the idea!


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