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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Pool and Playground Fun with the Cousins | It's The Little Things

While the cousins were visiting this past weekend, we were going non stop!  We went to Hershey Park on Thursday and to the Day Out With Thomas on Saturday.  On Friday, we had some downtime, so we spent the morning at our pool and then went to the playground after dinner.  I've noticed that Noah is a rather cautious child compared to his friends, but especially compared to his cousins.  I'm not surprised by this... Chris and I were both cautious children while my brother was braver and more athletic.  So it makes sense that my child would be cautious while my niece and nephews aren't as much.  This was definitely evident when watching the kids play together this weekend.  Noah wasn't interested in the rides that went up and down or going on the water slides at Hershey Park and he needed help getting through the bounce house.  While Noah is more naturally cautious, I found that he was willing to try more things this weekend after watching his cousins play.  

^^^ family hug in the pool

When we take Noah to the pool, he usually just ends up swimming around in his floaty, "playing" hide and go seek, and spraying water at each other with the pool noodles.  Obviously part of that is because he's only 2 and an only child.  But after watching his cousins "rough house" in the pool and his 2 year old cousin jump off the side of the pool (with no fear), Noah decided to jump into the pool (holding my hands) for the first time too!  

After the pool, the older kids went to see the new Minions movie while the younger boys went home to nap.  We then met up for an early dinner, and it was so nice out when we finished that we decided to stop by the playground on the way home.  We've been to this one before and knew that the cousins would love it since it was super big and had lots of things for older kids to play on too.  

Noah is pretty tame at the playground... he is happy to just walk around, play the drums, and play more hide and seek.  Noah usually isn't really a fan of slides either.  He will go down super small ones by himself, but otherwise has to go sitting on our laps if at all.  It was interesting and fun to watch his cousins running and climbing up to the top of the structure and going down the tall slides, just to go back and do it again.  I expected this from older kids, but I'm always amazed when kids Noah's age (like his cousin Aidan) do it as well.

Isn't it amazing how different kids can be and how their personalities play into everyday activities so much!  Personally, I am used to parenting a cautious and more reserved child.  I understand him because I am him.  He fears getting hurt, he doesn't like getting too dirty or sticky, and he's a good listener.  While I could worry that these attributes might stop him from trying new things, I saw that this wasn't the case this weekend.  Even though he was hesitant at first and it took a little while to get the hang of things, he tried and succeeded!  

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  1. I think that it's great to have Noah or even Connor around kids that are a bit more adventurous because it causes them to move outside their comfort zone a bit and do and experience more. Connor isn't very physical but if he is with my friends little girl, who is 4.5, he tends to find his inner big boy and hangs with her pretty well.

  2. Looks like such a fun day!!! Seriously sometimes the little things are the most fun. I love the slide pictures and his hair standing straight up!


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