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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Noah-isms: Volume 2 | It's The Little Things

These pictures don't really have anything to do with funny things Noah says.   But I wanted to share these pictures of Noah in his new "Team Canada" shirt.  I found it on Zulily and loved all the Canadian sayings!  Noah's (and lots of other versions) are no longer available, but they do still have this one on their site.  These are from a random weekday morning when we were just playing on the living room floor.  I love this age and Noah's excitement over doing puzzles and building Lego trains.  

Now that I've got that random part out of the way, here are some funny things Noah has been saying recently.  As I've mentioned in the past, Noah was not an early talker.  So when Noah repeats things we say or starts saying a new word or phrase, we find it super cute!  While it may seem ordinary to most people, I love looking back at this kind of post and remembering how Noah was at different ages.  

After watching Peppa Pig, he started calling everyone a "chatterbox"!  This is very fitting since he is constantly telling people "no talk" because he wants them to play with him instead!

When playing in his bed, Noah will sometimes hit his head against the wall (maybe I should get him a padded headboard).  As he's crying and I'm giving him hugs, I tell him he needs to be careful since he only has one head (something I've heard my mom say too).  So the other day he hit his head again, but not hard enough to make him cry.  He immediately said "one head"!  Glad to hear he's listening to me ;)

He is now really good at counting (all the way to 13), but when first learning to count, he would say "one, two, whoosh" like he was a rocket ship taking off.  It took a while to get him to say 3, but once he did, the rest of the numbers came immediately!  

He is very observant and has a great memory.  We were going to the store and I had three things to pick up.  Some toy trucks for a gift, bread, and allergy pills.  I told him what we needed to get, and the rest of the trip he kept repeating "trucks, bread, medicine".  Who needs a grocery list when I have him ;)

Along the same lines, he is very aware of his surroundings when we are in the car.  If we pass the library he says "library books".  But the most surprising was when we were on the highway one day, and we passed the exit that would eventually lead to our doctor's office.  As we drove by it, he said "doctor"!  I was shocked he could remember the route!

After a finishing a puzzle all on his own, he says "no help".

Even when Noah wasn't really verbal, I knew that he was really soaking all the information in.  But now he's repeating things back to us and showing that he's retaining everything.  When reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" he would identify each animal by it's name and color without me even asking.  He loves reading books about trucks and us telling him their names.  We pointed to a fire truck and he said "fire engine" (I'm so glad he doesn't say truck, since toddler often turn it into a curse word;)).  Then I pointed to an ambulance and told him what it was.  He just paused and just said "no" in such a matter of fact way.  Hate to break it to you, but it really was an ambulance!

When reading Look and Find books, he makes sure we don't skip over the "written words" by saying "part" over and over again!

We've been having fun celebrating all the different holidays this year with Noah. We taught him to say "Happy Mama Day" for Mother's Day and "Happy Dada Dady" for Father's Day.  So on 4th of July we told him it was Independence Day and he said "Happy Dada Day"!  

When we went to the Day Out With Thomas, we bought him a little Harold the Helicopter toy.  Noah loves helicopters, but we don't really talk about "Harold" much.  So it was rather surprising to us when we asked him who it was and he said "Harold Helicopter"!  

Later that day, he was jumping on daddy and Chris said "You're not in the bounce house anymore".  To which Noah replied "yes, dada bounce house".  In general, Noah likes to joke around and "disagree" with Chris.  When we are hanging out in bed, Noah will sometimes try to sit on Chris' outreached arm.  Chris will joke "be careful, you don't want to break my arm".  Now Noah will sit on his arm and say "yes, break arm!".  

^^^after finishing his zoo puzzle, he showed me what a hippo and elephant sound like ;)

He loves "tall talls" (giraffes), "elfants" (and makes noise with hand and flails his arm like a trunk), and "hippos".  But when I tell him we are going to the zoo, he immediately says "choo choo".  Glad to know his train is his favorite part of the zoo, not the animals!

When I'm getting ready in the morning, he likes to sit on the bathroom counter.  One day he looked out the window and said "nice day".  Now whenever it's sunny he says "nice day"... it's so cute!

After I had a super healthy afternoon snack of chocolate covered almonds, Noah picked up the empty container and said "no more, mama ate"!  Hey kid, stop being so observant and ratting me out ;)

Noah is getting pretty good at giving orders.  In the morning he tells me to "wake up" and go "down".  Once downstairs I get him breakfast and immediately asks for "TV on".  Once it's time to play, he orders me to "play here".  I think my favorite was when I told him he couldn't have my new muffin tin for his play kitchen.  He started to run away with it and I took it right back.  He then followed me back into the kitchen saying "I need that!".  Considering it was the first time he said it, I thought it was the cutest thing ever... but he still didn't get it ;) 

When Noah starts to smell, I'll ask him if he's pooped.  Most of the time he says "no, Noah peed".  Then when I call him out on it while I'm changing him, he'll start saying "big poop".  But if he just has a heavy wet diaper, he says "peed 10 times"!

He often asks for "pizza and eye me me (ice cream)", "white (hard boiled) eggs " or "yellow (scrambled) eggs", and "crackers and cheese".  

When someone sneezes, instead of saying "bless you", he says "achoo".

When Noah's cousins were visiting, we were trying to teach him their names.  Their names according to Noah... Kiki (Kaitlyn), Mamew (Matthew), Ayyay (Aidan), Tiya (Aunt Trisha), Daya (Uncle David).  

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  1. Too cute! Love hearing what comes out of their mouths!

  2. Oh my gosh! NO JOKE Mason got those exact same puzzles for this birthday!! The dinosaur one and the construction one!!! How funny. His great grandma got them for him :) We love them!
    And seriously, so cute!!! I can't wait for Mason to talk and hear what he has to say!

  3. SO cute! It's amazing how much these kids remember, even when you have no idea they were really observing. I can't believe he even knew which exit was the doctor's office!

  4. LOL I love that he memorized your grocery list! It's so fun when they start talking a bunch :) I love hearing all of Scarlett's little ideas and seeing her imagination come out.

  5. Yes Canada shirt!!! I love it.

  6. Seriously about the grocery list! When we are going for a quick trip and I need to remember things without a list, I just tell Lily. How are their memories so so so sharp?! Love our little helpers!


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