The Adventure Starts Here: Hershey Park

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hershey Park

This past weekend, my brother and his family came to New Jersey for a 4 day visit and we were busy the entire time!  It all started when we wanted to take the kids to the Day Out with Thomas in Phillipsburg.  We bought tickets for the Saturday morning figuring worst case they could drive down on Friday night if my brother couldn't take time off work.  My brother then extended his vacation and got tickets for my dad and him to go see James Taylor at Hershey Park the Thursday before.  We decided to take advantage of this and take the kids to Hershey Park for the day and then leave the guys to go to their concert.  It was hot, but the kids had a blast and we lucked out... we left the park just in time before the torrential rain started!

Kaitlyn (7), Noah (2), Matthew (4), and Aidan (2)

My brother and his family drove straight to Hershey on Wednesday, so my parents and we met them at the front gate on Thursday morning.  Based on the tips I read on other blogs, we got there for when the park opened and headed straight to the back of the park where the Boardwalk (water rides) are.  We heard that as the day goes on (and gets hotter) the water rides get packed!  We grabbed some chairs as a home base and a few large lockers. We started off at the Shoreline Sprayground and then hopped all around to the Bayside Pier, Sandcastle Cove, and ended up at the East Coast Waterworks.  Noah's older cousins had a blast running through all the sprinklers and going down a few slides, while Noah was content playing with the tiniest sprinkler coming out of the ground.  

trunks | rashguard | hat (sold out from Hanna Andersson)

While the little kids were having fun splashing around, the adults got to take turns going on some of the bigger water slides with Kaitlyn (the only kid tall enough to go on them).   I hadn't been on a water slide since my senior year of high school and it was so much fun!  Water rides were always my favorite and I can't wait for Noah to be old/tall enough for them!  Matthew wanted to go on a few, and Chris even waited in line with him, but they were turned away :(  My parents even disappeared for a little while to go on the lazy river.  We opted against it because there's nothing "lazy" about going on that with 4 kids ;)

After a few hours at the waterpark, we decided to get changed and have some lunch.  We grabbed some tables in the shade and got lunch at the nearby Nathan's stand.  This location was either exceptionally good or I haven't had Nathan's in a while.  Noah must have been hungry because he inhaled his chicken and fries without any of the usual prompting!  

After lunch, it was time to play some games and go on some rides!   Chris spotted a water gun game like the one we played at the Expo and immediately wanted to have all the kids play.  We played 4 times, in order to get each of the kids a prize (Bubble Guppies stuffed animals).  We think it ended up being cheaper than buying each of them one from the store and they had fun!

^^^ This is what you get when you ask 4 kids to show me their prizes!

We suspected Noah would like the little kid rides since he loved going on them at the Expo, and we were right! He went on a few by himself, a few with us, and loved going on a few with his cousins!  The great thing about kiddie rides is that there is almost never a line!  Many times, Noah would stay on the ride and go a few times in a row.   I had expected Noah to fall asleep in his stroller as we walked to the next section of rides, but he never did!  This kid just kept going without a nap and was in a great mood... I was pleasantly shocked!

Pony Parade

Tiny Tracks


Twin Turnpike

Traffic Jam

Space Age


Matthew and Aidan went on these motorcycles (on Traffic Jam) and it reminded us of a picture of Chris and his brother in LBI when they were little.  Matthew and Justin (Chris' younger brother) are the same age (4) in these pictures!  It's amazing how these rides really haven't changed in 31 years!



By 5 pm, our feet were hurting from all the walking and we were super sweaty.  The kids would have been happy to continue going on rides, but when the clouds came in and a few gusts of wind that suggested a storm was on it's way, we figured it was best to leave.  We packed up the kids, bought a few souvenirs and headed to our cars.  Thank goodness, because the rain started soon after.  Not long into our 2 1/2 hour drive home, the torrential rain started and lasted for an hour and a half at least.  Our wipers were going full blast and we could still barely see.  Noah had fallen asleep but woke up from the loud rain and then freaked out a bit.  Thankfully I was able to calm him down by putting on some Paw Patrol and he eventually fell back to sleep.  I was so relieved that we got home safely!  


  1. Everyone looks so happy; I love all the pictures! And I love seeing all the cousins together.

  2. Wow, what fantastic shots! I love the 1984 to 2015 comparison. That's priceless. Also, love the one of all the kids backs as they are doing the water squirt game!

  3. sounds like so much fun!!! I keep trying to talk my husband into taking our daughter there!!!

  4. seriously?! this looks AMAZING!!!!! exhausting, but amazing!!

  5. Well, there's a theme park that's actually close to my brother's house. We may have to hit that one up. It looks amazing!

  6. Ok, seriously that place looks AMAZING!!! And the water rides looks so fun. And your pictures?! Seriously SO good! Do you use a camera or your phone?!

  7. What a fun place!!! You make our weekend look dull with all your fun. I need to up my game and find parks like this for us to enjoy.


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