The Adventure Starts Here: Fri-Yay!

Friday, July 17, 2015


Yay for Friday!  It's been a while since Chris worked a full week and on top of that he had to work late a few nights.  After our busy long weekend with the cousins, I tried to keep things pretty low key this week.  We ran a few errands, but for the most part we spent a lot of time at home.  We did crafts, baked more muffins, and played a lot... it was great!  Here's some random stuff about our week... hope you have a great weekend!


When Noah's cousins were visiting last weekend, we went for a hibachi dinner.  Noah's gone three times before, and it seems like each time we go he gets a little more scared of the cooking and fire demonstration.  This time, he refused to sit at the table until the chef was done and the food was on his plate.  We may need to hold off going back for a while.  


A few weeks ago I said we went to our last Gymboree class.  But then we decided to have Noah's 3rd Birthday there.  I stopped by to sign the contract and Noah got REALLY upset when we had to leave without going to a class.  So we decided to reactivate our membership for the rest of the summer.  We went this week and Noah LOVED it!   Chris is super excited to go this weekend for open gym too.


This week, my mom came with me and Noah on a trip to Ikea.  I wanted to get a two new Kallax bookcases as well as some frames and other random things from the marketplace.  Silly me forgot to empty out my trunk before going and it was quite a tight fit with the stroller and other random stuff still there!  Thankfully we made it work!  Hopefully we can assemble the shelves and hang the frames sooner than later so I can share our new project with you!

dress | sandals (in black)


Yesterday, Noah and I met a few friends at the playground.  It was the perfect morning to go the park.  It was sunny but only in the mid 70s!  As usual, Noah had fun climbing and walking around on the equipment, but didn't have much interest in going down the slides.  Well, other than when I went down with him.  He also spent more time on the swings than he usually does.  But then he got hungry (or bored), and he and his friend were stuck to me and my diaper bag begging for more pretzel goldfish :)


Last weekend, Noah had the weirdest night to date.  Maybe it was because of our busy weekend with the cousins, but Saturday night was one for the books.  I had expected him to sleep long and hard.  Instead, he woke up at 12:30 crying (and I'm assuming hot).  I changed him into short PJs and tried to get him back to sleep.  We sang and rocked but nothing worked.  Finally at 3 am, after lots of protests to go down and play, I gave up and told him he could either play in his room or watch his iPad.  He chose his iPad and I drifted in and out of sleep.  Finally at 5 am he had fallen asleep watching a show.    I then assumed he'd sleep in after being up for most of the night, but I once again assumed wrong!  He was up at 6:45 ready to play.  Chris took over for the morning so I could try to make up for the hours of sleep I lost.  Noah showed absolutely no signs of being tired (they even played water guns outside) and Noah went down for nap at his normal time.  I'm not sure if it was bad dreams, but he woke up 45 minutes in crying and had a hard time calming down.  I finally took him downstairs where he finished his nap on top of me on the couch.  I seriously hope we don't have a repeat this weekend!

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  1. We've had our fair share of those kinds of a nights and my goodness do they suck!! It makes the next day a doozie, where I can't get enough caffeine in my body!
    Hope you and the boys have a good weekend!

  2. Fun pictures! Hope you have a nice, relaxing weekend! :)

  3. Tell me you got the $1 ice cream at IKEA! I mean, you can't go there and not get it!
    Also, how awesome Noah loves Gymboree so much! Sounds like he's going to have the best birthday!

  4. So many fun summer outings. Ikea is one of our favorites! Hope y'all have a wonderful lazy weekend!


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