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Friday, July 3, 2015

Five on Friday

First off, I hope all my Canadian readers, friends, and family had a great Canada Day!  And for my American friends, are you ready for the holiday weekend?  I for one am very excited for a 3 day weekend!  We are hosting a super casual BBQ tomorrow with both my parents and in-laws.  Other than that, I just hope to spend some time at the pool!  Here's my Friday Five...


Good friends and a water table, what more can you ask for!  I'm so glad we kept the sand table as is and bought a small water table this summer.  Noah loves playing in the sand, but the water table is also well loved and comes in handy when we have "younger guests" come over to play.  I only wish it came with a cover so there wasn't as much clean up involved after a rain storm!

^^^ wearing red in honor of Canada Day!
water table


Chris rarely travels for work, but this week he went to Toronto.  I thought it was funny and weird that he was there for Canada Day!  They flew in on Tuesday for some meetings and then visited the stores on Wednesday (Canada Day).  I was shocked that the stores were open (growing up in Canada, stores weren't even open on Sundays!).  This was the FIRST time I've ever stayed alone in the house.  Last time Chris went away for work, my mom came and stayed with us.  I'm a big baby, so I'm glad Chris doesn't travel a lot for work!  Thankfully, we did great... but I was still relieved it was only one night. Not only did we FaceTime with Chris while he was gone, but we were sent numerous pictures and he brought a little souvenir home for Noah... a polar bear stuffed animal!


On Wednesday, I shared some patriotic crafts that I did with Noah.  My brother, so kindly reminded me that it was Canada Day and that we should be doing some Canada crafts too!  My mom came to the rescue, researched some ideas, picked up the supplies, and we got crafty after his nap.  It was a close one, but we made it just in time, and they came out super cute!


I found some patriotic tattoos in Target about a month ago.  Noah has loved getting temporary tattoos at fairs, so I thought it would be fun to do some at home for the holiday.  They definitely weren't the highest quality.  His first two rubbed off way faster than I expected, and we had to put another two on just a few hours later.  But for the price and seasonality of it, I really don't care.  I think I might even put a few on tomorrow ;)


And with that, we are off to enjoy our 4th of July weekend!  Hope you have a fun and safe weekend!

^^^ being all patriotic at music class :)

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  1. How fun that your hubby was in Toronto for Canada Day! I hope he got to see some fun fireworks and wasn't too inconvenienced by all of the Pan-Am set up. Lots the crafts too! Happy 4th!

  2. Aren't water tables perfect for kid?! My daughter could spend all day playing in hers if I let her! I'm loving all of the patriotic crafts! We may do one of them if the weather is rainy tomorrow! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I feel the same way about the water table… we love it, but it needs a cover!!!

  4. Love those tattoos! Liam would be so jealous!

  5. How fun you found those tattoos at Target! You guys are so festive, I love it! Hope you have a great weekend celebrating!

  6. i love you for doing canada crafts!! seriously! im canadian and read the girls a canada book (that we read every day anyway)! so you WIN in my book!


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