The Adventure Starts Here: Barbecuing

Thursday, July 16, 2015


My brother and his family headed home on Sunday.  We saw them one last time on Saturday evening.  We had them and my parents over for a casual barbecue so the kids could run around and play.  

We lucked out and had another beautiful night and were able to play and eat in our backyard.  We put out some appetizers... guacamole & spinach dip (from Costco), and some fruit and veggies.  The adults munched while the kids played.  They played racquet ball and played catch with our Melissa and Doug Frog Toss and Grip.  They played in the sand and water table and Aidan was obsessed with the grill.  My mom made these sensory bins where the kids dug through sand to find dinosaurs, shells, gems, and even a toy snake and car.  

sand table (similar)

^^^ the water guns didn't last long.  The kids were shooting each other at close range.  We kept telling them not to shoot in the face... they either have bad aim or were ignoring us ;)  

We kept it simple with burgers, hot dogs, and a few sides for dinner.  Noah isn't a fan of BBQ food, so I made him a hard boiled egg and he had some corn on the cob.  

The kids then played in the basement (with a few adults) while the rest of us cleaned up.  We then ended the evening with another Carvel cake and singing "Happy Summer to Us"!  Apparently Noah isn't the only fan of ice cream cake and blowing out candles ;) 

We were all sad to say goodbye, but especially Kaitlyn.  I think she gave Noah at least a dozen hugs before leaving and was tearing up while getting into the car.  Thank goodness we will be going to Rhode Island next month to visit them! 


  1. I love casual BBQs and your backyard seems like such a fun place to have one! Also, for whatever reason, I think it is the cutest thing to see kids eating corn on the cob (maybe because they are so little and the corn is so big?!) so that picture of Noah is my favorite!
    I love that you had cake with candles too! Did you sing happy birthday?? I know Noah loves it!

  2. I love that Noah has little ones to play with. Connor's closest cousin is 6 and while they do well together, it would be nice to have someone closer to his age to play with.

  3. I love your excuses for cake! I never need an excuse for sweets! What a fun time with family!

  4. This looks like so much fun! Well, maybe minus water guns to the face haha

  5. What a perfect time, I love all the play pics! I love the cake pic and the fact you sang, "Happy summer to us!


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