The Adventure Starts Here: 4th of July 2015

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July 2015

Happy Monday?!?  I used to really dislike Mondays when I worked, but now that I'm home with Noah, they really aren't so bad.  After busy weekends, 3 day weekends especially, Noah and I take it a little slower on Mondays.  We miss having Chris home, but it's also nice to get back to our normal routine.  But I have to say that our long holiday weekend was super fun!  

Part of Noah's bedtime routine, involves us going through what we did that day as well as what we have planned for the next day.  I usually ask him where we went or who came to our house.  I then mention something that we did and ask him follow up questions.  According to Noah, the important parts of the weekend included...  Grandma, Papa, Nonna, and Granddad coming over, playing in his sand table, eating corn on the cob, singing "happy", going for a walk, playing hide and go seek and spraying daddy with water.   While it may be simplified a bit, that really is the gist of our weekend :)

We celebrated America's Birthday by having a barbecue at our house with my parents and Chris' parents.  Saturday started off rainy, but thankfully cleared up by the afternoon.  We put a few appetizers out to enjoy out on the deck while Noah played in his sand table.  Noah then wanted to play inside... grilling up some yummy food for us, playing cars with Grandma, and playing trains in the basement with whoever was willing.  Since Noah was having so much fun inside, we decided to eat dinner and dessert inside.  It was nice and low key, just how I like it!

^^^ singing "happy"... our new holiday tradition!

We also made it to the pool this holiday weekend and Noah was able to sport his American flag swimsuit!  It was a little cloudy when we finally got there and Noah was a little hesitant to get in right away.  Instead, he sat on a lounge chair and had a snack before getting in.  He eventually got in and then proceeded to spray water at Chris using the pool noodles and persuaded me to get in so that we could play hide and seek.  I count with Noah while Chris hides.  Then Noah spots him (it's not that easy to hide in a pool) and pretends he's a shark as he kicks his legs "swimming" to go catch him.  It's amazing how this game NEVER gets old, according to Noah that is ;)

It really was a great 4th of July weekend!  Sometimes I can't believe how much Noah has changed until I look back at pictures of Noah on past holidays.  Our holidays have become so much more fun since having Noah!

How was your holiday weekend???


  1. Ahhh! That family hug! That is Mason's favorite thing to do and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You guys look so cute! It sounds like you had a really fun 4th of July... nice, low key, and good food, just how I like it too!

  2. Look at Noah grilling up those burgers! Looks like you had lots of fun getting in the holiday spirit. I love the three photos of him over the years. So cute!


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