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Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Photos

Can you believe it's already June 1st!?!  I hope you enjoyed the last weekend in May!  Even though school doesn't finish for a few more weeks over here (and Noah isn't even in school yet), I feel like summer is officially here!  It was pretty hot here on Friday.  After a fairly long nap, my friend, Marlaina, came over with her little girl, AnnaLynne.  The kiddos played in the water table while we got to chat.  I was impressed how well they played together despite their almost 2 year age difference.   Chris also got home super early on Friday, at 4:30... a nice surprise since that never happens!

^^^ new outfits for both were needed after getting soaked from the water table!

Noah must be getting his 2 year molars (finally) because he is majorly teething.  His fingers are in his mouth a lot, he barely wants to eat, and has been needing Tylenol to help sleep at night.  Friday night, all he had was a fruit smoothie for dinner and actually asked to go to bed rather early.  He also requested to sleep with "mama and dada" in our bed.  I normally end up co-sleeping with Noah halfway through the night anyway, and since it was the weekend, Chris was up for it as well.  He did really well, other than the super early wake up call!    Thankfully, he was happy to just hang out in bed snuggling and watching shows & playing games on his iPad.  

We finally got up a little after 8 so that we could meet our friends for breakfast.  We went to a local place in town, called Mockingbird Cafe.  We had heard that the breakfast was delicious but to expect slow service.  The service definitely could have been better but my french toast was pretty great :)  Regardless, eating out with three kids is always an adventure!  

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  The only thing Noah wanted to eat was popsicles and smoothies... I guess the cold makes his teeth feel better.  We snuggled, watched Mickey Mouse Club, and napped.

Saturday night, we went out for Noah's favorite dinner... PIZZA!  We tried a new pizzeria in town, Lenny's.  We had heard great things about their pies and they did not disappoint.  Even Noah, who's been anti eating recently ate a whole slice!  Noah was also very into watching them make the pizzas.  Chris just found this app where Noah can "make" pizza from scratch, so he was really into seeing it in real life!

After pizza, we headed over to a local playground for a MOMS Club "Ice Cream at the Park".   The kids got to play and then an ice cream truck stopped by.  Noah thought it was pretty cool that we were getting ice cream from a truck and since then keeps asking for it again!


Noah asked to sleep with us again and once again woke up before 6 am.  While he sleeps better when with us, these early wake ups are not fun!  Thankfully, he was happy to just hang out in bed watching his iPad again.  Once it was a decent time, we got up and headed to our last Open Gym at Gymboree.  We cancelled our membership since we will be busy this summer and then Noah will be starting preschool this fall.  We've loved Gymboree, but it's time to say goodbye.  

We stopped at the grocery store on the way home, where Noah helped push the cart and stock up on some delicious produce.  I got some yummy plums and peaches, but Noah wouldn't even try them :(  Good news is he took a super long 3+ hour nap, which was much appreciated after his early wake up!

We then headed out to meet some friends for dinner at Olive Lucy's in Morristown.  They will be moving in a few weeks and we will miss them a lot!  We used to live in the same apartment building and while they are a year apart, Noah and Quinn get along really well.  Even though we moved 20 minutes away, we still see them at least once a week, so it will be a big change when they move back to Massachusetts.  We will definitely have to visit them soon!

^^^ my handsome ice cream loving "dates"

We had hoped to take some pictures around town before dinner, but the weather did not cooperate.  It was raining on and off all evening and was POURING on our way home.  We kept getting alerts on our phone about storms and flooding.

How was your weekend?  


  1. So much fun in a single weekend! I love that Noah enjoys Gymboree... we've tossed the idea of a membership around but just haven't done so and now that it's summer and preschool in the Fall, I doubt it will be a good investment.

    Connor has all his teeth and has for a while, however, he is still very much a kid with an oral fixation. He doesn't chew on things all the time but has a favorite blanket that he will chew on.

  2. Wow! Sounds like you guys had a busy, yet fun weekend! Our weekend was not nearly as fun or busy, but I have big plans for the summer! I love how good Noah is at pushing that little cart around the store. I thought Mason would be ALL about it when I offered once since he loves to push the cart at home but he wanted none of it lol.

  3. Such a fun weekend! I feel like summer is officially here too! It's strange to think that next year, I will be waiting for school to get out. I'm not sure I'm ready for all that!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love those floral tights! So cute.


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