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Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Photos

After multiple super busy weekends, we purposely planned a fairly low key weekend.  We wanted to go strawberry picking, get Noah's haircut, and I had plans to go to the movies with a friend.  But other than that, we just wanted to hang out at home without a strict schedule to follow.  We were also excited to have some new Blue Apron meals to try out this weekend after eating out way too much last month.  

Friday night, we made a fettuccine dish.  It was supposed to be more of a pesto sauce, and while it was still yummy, it was not a pesto.  Other than that, the most exciting part of our evening was when Chris decided to get in the bath with Noah... we really are wild and crazy over here ;)

^^^ definitely not a food photographer ;)

Originally, we thought we would go strawberry picking on Saturday, but the weather was kind of crummy first thing.  So instead, we stayed at home, I went through my clothes and filled 3 trash bags to donate, and Noah stayed in his PJs until nap time!  We finally got dressed after nap, and headed to Noah's hair appointment.  You might not believe it based on the look on his face, but he was so excited to get his hair cut.  He was talking about it nonstop, but as soon as he sat in the chair, he got SUPER SERIOUS!  Thankfully, he no longer cries during them, just asks when he can get out.  

Chris then had the great idea to stop by the playground on the way home.  Noah and I have been to this one before and Chris has really wanted to go.  They have 3 different play sets for different ages, and the last time we went we stuck to the "baby" one.  But since Chris was with us this time, Noah got to venture way higher on the big kid play set!  Daddy is definitely the fun one!

We then headed home so I could make dinner.  Chris and I ate another Blue Apron meal, cod with rice, while Noah continued his super basic and bland diet of bread and bananas! 

We also watched the Belmont on TV!  Noah was super into the Kentucky Derby and Preakness so we figured he'd be excited for this race too.  We had him wear his horse hat and everything, but he couldn't care less!  He was more interested in watching Peppa Pig on my phone.  He only looked up when I was going crazy cheering on American Pharaoh and started cheering with me.  It was pretty cool that Noah (and I) watched all of the races that resulted in a Triple Crown winner!

On Sunday, we went strawberry picking (more on that tomorrow), got a little wet playing on the deck, and just had fun playing.   We also made some yummy smoothies using said strawberries.  Not sure if it's because we normally use frozen strawberries and I had to instead add more ice, but these smoothies were more liquidy and not as thick compared to the ones we normally make.  They were still delicious and finished in minutes!

^^^ Noah fell asleep watching his iPad... parenting at its finest!

I then headed out to see Aloha with my friend Nicole, while Chris and Noah had some father son time.  We thought Noah would like to go for pizza and ice cream (his favorite dinner), but instead he just wanted to stay in and play, eat cereal for dinner, and watch his iPad (seriously, I think we may have a small problem!).  It was good for me though, because when I got home, we went for frozen yogurt as a family :)

How was your weekend?


  1. Fun weekend! You cooked so many amazing looking dishes! We have that same water table and we enjoyed that this weekend as well. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! Your kitchen is so pretty! :)

  3. I love his serious haircut mood! I guess it's not laughing matter haha! And your fettuccine meal looks sooo yum.

  4. Sounds like a fun & relaxing weekend! Love that pic of your boys "snuggled up" in bed together!

  5. I never do a weekend recap but after this one, I've added it to my schedule next week. And now, at 8:45AM I want frozen yogurt.


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