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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Strawberries and Sunshine | It's The Little Things

As most of you know, we like doing crafts over here.  I prep most of the things ahead of time, but am constantly trying to save more things for Noah to help with.  He loves cutting with his kid scissors, so if it doesn't need to be precise, I let him do it.  I knew I wanted to do some summer related crafts, so I found a sun and strawberry craft on Pinterest.  I thought the strawberry would be especially fun since we just went strawberry picking!

Noah used a black crayon to make little black marks all over the paper (just like the seeds on a strawberry).  Then he cut strips out of the paper and I finished by cutting them into squares.  

Then Noah used his favorite glue stick to stick all the little squares onto the strawberry shaped piece of card stock I had cut out earlier.  We also glued on the green leafy stem.  

Last week, Noah also made this sun craft.  I think it's pretty obvious that we love any simple craft that involves tissue paper, card stock, and glue.  While I cut everything up ahead of time, Noah still wanted to help cut some more with his favorite kid scissors!  

After he cut up the entire piece of scrap paper, he had some fun using the glue stick... for a little while at least.  

And just in case you think my kid is mature for his age because he's into crafts, I'm here to keep it real.  The glue stick didn't keep his interest very long and he wanted to get back to cutting.  We went from zero to crying in 5 seconds flat.  Thankfully Grandma had the great idea to let him cut the "sun's rays" into different lengths to add more "variety and dimension" to the craft.  Anything to make Noah happy :)

Crisis averted and we ended up with a super cute sun.  So even though Noah lost interest in sticking the tissue paper on the sun, he enjoyed using the glue stick and scissors, so I consider this a win.  He also enjoys adding his creations to our pantry door :)

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  1. Looks like he had a great time doing this craft! Minus the little scissor incident hahaha

  2. Umm, such a fun craft and idea!!! You are seriously so creative and your kid is so good at crafts! I'm pretty sure if I gave Mason some scissors, he would just run amuck and cut our couch up or something lol. I love this idea though!

  3. So cute! All mine love scissors too, tell Noah the L-boys feel his pain ;)

  4. I haven't yet let Connor use scissors not made for Play Dough. I'm terribly afraid I'll find something else cute one day if I do. Maybe I need to stop being a baby!


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