The Adventure Starts Here: Stitch Fix #2 - Please Help!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stitch Fix #2 - Please Help!

I received my second Stitch Fix shipment yesterday and I need some major feedback!  This time, I requested a few specific items.  I wanted a boho inspired embroidered top and a kimono cardigan.  They did send me an embroidered shirt, but I was bummed that they didn't send me a kimono at all. I know what pieces I definitely want to send back, but I need some input on 2 pieces that I'm not as sure about!  Please help!

Cannon Dress ($58)

I was pretty excited about this dress when I first took it out of the box.  I liked that the top was jersey and had thick enough straps so that I could wear a bra.  I also liked the print on the skirt part.  Once I tried it on, I wasn't as in love.  The length is good when I'm standing up, but since I'm always with Noah, I'm not sure how this would be when he sits on my lap or I have to sit on the ground with him.  Also, from the side, the empire waist and the skirt fabric makes me look pregnant (which I'm not!).

Woburn Embroidered Popover Top ($68)

I am very on the fence about this shirt, so I'd love your opinion!  I really did want an embroidered peasant-like top.  I like the colors and that it's longer in the back.  I wish it was a real short sleeve shirt instead of having long sleeves with the option to roll the sleeves.   What do you guys think? 

Favio Split Neck Top ($44)

This shirt was cute enough, but it's a little see through and I don't know how much use I'd get out of it.  I don't really see this as an every day shirt considering my lifestyle.

Miley Jacket ($128)

This jacket was really cute, but it was more expensive than I'd like, and I already bought a green utility jacket from American Eagle this spring.  It's definitely going back.

Wilma Half Beaded Lariat Necklace ($28)

I really wish I had been given a kimono or extra top instead of the necklace.  Regardless, I do think this necklace is pretty.  I like the length and the versatility.  I could wear this with a simple t-shirt or dress it up when I go on a super random date with Chris.  Chances are, if I keep the embroidered shirt, this will go back.  But I of course would keep this necklace rather than losing my styling fee and would probably end up wearing it a lot!

Here's a breakdown of the items I received, how much they cost, and what I kept vs. returned:
Cannon Dress - $58 (RETURNED)
Woburn Embroidered Popover Top - $68 (???)
Fabio Split Neck Top - $44 (RETURNED)
Miley Jacket - $128 (RETURNED)
Wilma Half Beaded Lariat Necklace - $28 (???)

If you are interested in signing up for Stitch Fix, I would really appreciate it if you used my referral link!

What do you think?  I want your HONEST opinions!


  1. I love the dress. The rest are ok. But I think the dress is super cute!!

  2. I really like the blue top, I think I'd prefer it with jeans or some shorts that are a little shorter. With those shorts it hits at an odd length. The dress is just okay and to be honest I can't really see the necklace. I think I like it, but I can't really tell.

  3. Wait, wait - googled and do not like the necklace. The bead work is odd on half like that. I'd keep the blue shirt.

  4. I really love the first 3 items!!! I think they all look great on you, and the dress seems like a perfect length!

  5. I love the green jacket so I'm glad you already have one because that's a keeper.
    I don't think I would keep the necklace at that price point since it's a bit plain. If I'm going to pay more than $20 for a necklace, I want it to pop and add to my outfit. That one doesn't really do that!

  6. I love the dress!!! You look great!


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