The Adventure Starts Here: Pool Days - What to Bring

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Pool Days - What to Bring

We love going to the pool.  I often prefer it to the beach since there isn't as much mess (i.e. sand) and I've never been a huge fan of swimming in the ocean since being stung by a jellyfish when I was 6.   This past weekend, we were able to go to the pool both mornings.  I consider us lucky that we had a pool at our old apartment and there's a pool in our current neighborhood.  Our new pool is much larger and even has a baby pool.  But I do miss our old pool since it was heated :)  Having a pool combined with swim lessons (during the off season), Noah is very comfortable in the water and is now able to "swim on his own" when wearing his swim belt.  

rash guard (in blue) | swim trunks

Now that Noah goes down for a nap later in the day, we are able to spend more time at the pool.  We try to get there around 10 am (when it opens), bring a few snacks and drinks, and head home for lunch around 12:30/1.  Another perk about the pool, is that Noah is usually tired out and naps well ;)

I especially love going to the pool with Chris on the weekends, because he plays with Noah the whole time!  I'm able to sit and lounge a little and come take a dip and play with them when I want.  Noah loves playing with these squishy water balls (from Target) and noodles (that the pool provides).  Chris really does come up with some fun games!

But of course, going to the pool with a kid isn't all about fun and games.  We are bringing way more stuff than we used to when it was just the two of us.  We have to worry about sun protection more and water safety is obviously a huge concern.   For the most part our must haves for the pool have stayed the same over the years.  We still love the "baby" hooded towels from Pottery Barn Kids as well as keeping Noah covered with a hat and rash guard.  We found the hat at Hanna Andersson when we went to Florida last Spring.  It is made out of swim suit material and covers the ears and neck.  It means I don't have to apply as much sunscreen.  Now we make sure to buy his size as soon as they come out each season since they sell out so fast!  While it's sold out online, I did see a few in the stores a few weeks ago if you happen to live near one.  The thing that has changed is the floaty Noah uses in the water.  For Noah's first summer (around 6 months old) we used this swim float.  Last year, he graduated to a puddle jumper, and this year he is using a swim belt that requires him to kick in order to stay afloat.   Other than that, we bring a few waterproof squishy balls that we found in the Target dollar section.  Not only does Noah like the throw them, but we also scatter them all around the pool and have Noah swim to collect them.  It keeps him entertained for a long time!  It also never hurts to bring a cooler full of cold drinks & snacks as well as a change of clothes.  I find it easier to change Noah at the pool rather than have him sit in the car seat all wet!

hat - sold out online (girl version) | rash guard | trunks | water shoes

What are your "must haves" for the pool with kids?
Do you enjoy the pool or do you prefer the beach?


  1. Yikes! Being stung by a jelly fish is one of my biggest fears! For that reason pools are the best :)

  2. To be honest, we are right by the beach and almost never go (aka never go) because I don't like the sand and the cold water and the mess and the fact that you can't really swim. We have a pool in our neighborhood that we have yet to go to but I want to fix that this summer!

  3. That's awesome that you have a pool right in your neighborhood. We have season passes to a water park about 10 minutes from our house that I just love!

  4. i'm SO with you on the pool vs the beach. but my husband (and lex!) are the complete and total opposite. give them sand and creepy ocean creatures all day every day. meanwhile i'll be on my towel terrified of sting rays and jelly fish.


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