The Adventure Starts Here: New York City - Our Day in Brooklyn!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New York City - Our Day in Brooklyn!

Last Friday, Chris took off work and we spent the day in Brooklyn.  Even though Chris goes into Manhattan every day for work, we only get in as a family maybe twice a year.  We always have a good time once we are there, but getting there is not easy!  Even though we are only about 35 miles outside the city, it takes FOREVER!  The train would be about 75 minutes long and the last few times we've driven in, it's taken 2 hours!  There are pros to driving in, but after this horrible driving experience, I think we've decided the train is the way to go in the future.  And since Noah loves trains, I doubt he will mind.  

Anyway, back to our day trip. Despite Chris having the day off from work, we decided to stop by so that his co-workers could see Noah again.  We introduced Noah to them about a year and a half ago and decided it was time to stop by again.  While Noah was super shy meeting everyone, he had a blast playing at Chris' desk.  Noah even helped do a little work ;)

From there, we walked a few blocks to the subway.  On our way we stopped by a construction site and Noah got to see some diggers.  The driver of one of the diggers even waved hi to him!   Since not all subway stops have elevators, Chris took the folded up stroller and I carried Noah down the stairs.  Noah was excited to go on the "train" but got a little nervous when we were down on the platform.  I don't think being underground and hot helped.  The subway cars were packed, but thankfully we got a seat after a few stops.  

We knew that we had to get pizza and ice cream when in Brooklyn.  I found a few recommendations from this blog.  Chris had told me about Grimaldi's, but I had read that Juliana's had been opened by the same family (and just next door) and that Grimaldi's has now turned into a franchise.  Also, when we arrived, there was a line at Grimaldi's, but since we could take a table meant for 2, we were able to be seated quickly at Juliana's.  The pizza was delicious... I only wish our table was more in the shade since it was getting pretty hot! By the time we left, the line was down the street!  

From there, we walked a few blocks down to the pier.  We got some pictures with the bridge and NYC skyline in the background and enjoyed some ice cream from the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.  They had an actual shop and then an extra stand connected to some covered seating by the water.  We chose to sit outside, thankfully this time completely covered by the shade.  

We then made our way over to Jane's Carousel.  I honestly expected it to be a bigger carousel.  It is a beautiful old carousel and the view of the city is pretty amazing.  Chris took Noah on and he picked his usual bench seat (he's a little nervous of the horses going up and down I guess).  Chris and Noah would "hide from me" and then surprised me when they came around.  It was really cute to watch the two of them have so much fun!

If it wasn't so hot and I didn't have a small child, I would have also liked to walk a little bit on the bridge and try to get this typical picture while in DUMBO.  But after the carousel, Noah told me he was tired and wanted to go home.  Since it was 2:30 and past his usual nap time, we started heading back to the subway.  He fell asleep almost immediately and stayed asleep the whole way back to our car.  That included being moved from his stroller so I could carry him down to the subway, sit on my lap for the 20 minute ride back to Manhattan, and then back in the stroller to walk to our car.  I was shocked!  By the time we got to the car, he woke up and Chris and I were hot and exhausted!  

We then sat in a TON of Friday afternoon traffic trying to get to the Lincoln Tunnel.  I could not have been happier when we pulled into our driveway.  Like I said at the beginning of the post, we always have fun while in the city, it's the getting there and home part that tests my patience.  Thankfully, Noah is a super kid and was a trooper the whole time.


  1. How fun!!! I'm always so jealous of your NYC trips. We went once, but I'd love to go with recommendations from people. Looks like you guys had a good time and lots of good food!

  2. Looked like a fun outing from your pictures! I have a friend that lives in the city that I used to visit all the time but I have been in about 5 years! I can't wait to take Elin someday!

  3. What a fun adventure! How amazing to have the city so close. So many great things to do. Jealous!

  4. That carousel is beautiful! I wish I would have spent more time in Brooklyn when we lived back east. We've visited NYC frequently, but only made it across the bridge once. And we always had the do we drive or do we take the train battle. We always ended up driving since the time took about the same. Luckily we never got stuck in one of the tunnels for hours or anything like that.

  5. So cool that you live so cool to New York City! It's one of my favourite cities in the world and we are planning a little vacation there in a few months. I can't wait!


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